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December 13th

László Schór (13-12-1897 - 01-12-1984) Hungarian composer

László Schór

László Schór composed mostly two- and threemovers. He was an International Judge.

Schór, László
Die Schwalbe, 1928 (150)
1st Prize

#3 11 + 11

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Schór, László
Good Companion, 1923
3rd Prize

#3 11 + 7

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Dennison Nixon (13-12-1912 - 11-09-1993) British composer

Dennison Nixon became the editor of the "Fairy Chess Review" (1952-1956) after T.R.Dawson's death. He was mainly a fairy composer with many original ideas and was an International Judge.
He composed the first Grid Chess problem, as can be seen in the article about Grid chess in "Variant Chess" 2002, which can be read on G.P. Jelliss' site.

Nixon, Denisson
feenschach, 1952 (1302)

h#3c7, g7, c2, f2: Neutral Pawn 1 + 1 + 4

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Nixon, Denisson
The Fairy Chess Review, 1936

#5Vertical cylinder 3 + 2

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Colin Peter Sydenham (13-12-1937 - 15-11-2023) British composer and International Master

Colin Sydenham
[The Problemist]

Colin Sydenham was a specialist of the direct twomover and of the helpmate duplex.
One of his favourite helpmate duplex can be found on The Problemist as well as his autobiography, where you shall learn about the Horatian Society and Superpins, and his selected problems.

Duplex: The terms must also be achieved interchanging the function of White and Black.

Sydenham, Colin Peter
Probleemblad, 1993
1st Prize

h#2Duplex 5 + 10

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Sydenham, Colin Peter
diagrammes, 1992
2nd Prize

h#2Duplex 6 + 11

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Alain Villeneuve (13-12-1945) French composer

Alain Villeneuve, Messigny 1998

Alain Villeneuve composes studies, proof games and various problems (such as this helpmate). He is an experienced solver, member of the French solving team (and FM in Solving since 2008, as Kevin comments - he obtained the IM title in 2014).
He has also written the reference endgame book "Les finales" (1982-84, 2nd ed. 1998) which has a third edition (2012).

Villeneuve, Alain
Europe-Echecs, 1964

h#3b) wBd2->e2 4 + 2

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David J. Shire (13-12-1947) British composer

David Shire
[© Michael McDowell, 2005]

David Shire is a twomover specialist. One of his favourite problems, chosen for The Problemist, is a twomover by Colin Sydenham...

Shire, David J.
Springaren, 1996
2nd Prize

#2 8 + 8

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Eligiusz Zimmer (13-12-1951) Polish composer

Eligiusz Zimmer
[Grigory Popov]

Eligiusz Zimmer composes direct mates, helpmates and endgame studies.

Zimmer, Eligiusz
ЮК М. Марандюк-50, Магаданская правда 1999
4th Prize

#3 5 + 2

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  1. Alain Villeneuve was awarded the title:
    FIDE Master of Chess Problem Solving, 2008.