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December 21st

John Gilbert Nix (21-12-1843 - 17-02-1911) American composer

John Gilbert Nix sent this photo, inscribed 'At my daily work', on a postcard to Alain White.
[Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery]

John Nix composed direct mates and selfmates.

Nix, John Gilbert
Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben (2. Teil)
1882 (96)

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James Joseph Glynn (21-12-1847 - 07-03-1925) Australian composer

James Glynn was a direct mover composer. He wrote “The Problem Art in Australia” (1896) which can be read on the Internet thanks to OzProblems.

Glynn, James Joseph
The British Chess Magazine, 1882

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Keshab Das De (21-12-1900 - 08-04-1960) Indian composer

Keshab Das De composed mostly helpmates, but also direct mates or retro and fairy problems.

De, Keshab Das
Feenschach, 1960

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André Marceil (21-12-1902 - 15-05-1969) French composer

André Marceil
[Cahiers de l’Echiquier Français 1934 n°4]

André Marceil - Les subtilités du problème d'échecs
[Thanks to Alain Pallier]

André Marceil composed direct mates. He wrote "Les subtilités du problèmes d'échecs" (1935) and was the problem columnist for "L'Echiquier".

Marceil, Andre
Salut Public, 1929

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Herbert Grasemann (21-12-1917 - 21-06-1983) German composer

Herbert Grasemann

Herbert Grasemann was a specialist of strategic direct mates in three and more moves. He was the editor of the problems column of "Deutsche Schachblätter" from 1962 until 1983. He published many chess problem books: "Problemschach" in two volumes (volume 1 here, volume 2 here), "Problem-Juwelen". The compilation of his works "Logische Phantasien" was published in 1986 by W. Dittmann, A. Geister and Dieter Kutzborski.

["Logische Phantasien" - thanks to Alain Pallier]

He was an International Judge and often used the pseudonym "Arne Mangs".
More about him can be read on Wikipedia or on


His article "Ökonomische Nachtwächter" can be read on

Grasemann, Herbert
Schach-Express, 1949
3rd Prize

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One of his most famous problems:

Grasemann, Herbert
Deutsche Schachhefte, Jun 1950 (41)

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  1. Re: Herbert Grasemann, wiki states (roughly translated), "In the FIDE albums he reached 21.83 points and became a FIDE Master of Chess Composition."

    Indeed, the FIDE Album Index verifies the number of points, but I don't find that Herbert Grasemann was ever officially awarded the title (FIDE Master of Chess Composition).

    1. I feel sorry for Herbert Grasemann, but you are perfectly right, he was indeed never awarded this title.

  2. Dear Eric,

    a picture of Grasemann can be found on

    Best, Manfred

    1. Thanks, the picture has been inserted in the post with due credits.