Thursday, January 9, 2020

5 draw pendulums in Retractor

The draw pendulum is a retro specific element used in retractor problems. Based on the three fold repetition of the same position, White can force Black to retract a weak move instead of a strong move. In order to achieve this objective, the critical position must be obtained after Black’s retraction, then White can start the pendulum.

The draw pendulum theme fascinated many composers, who found several ways of expressing it, such as the short form (the so-called amputated draw pendulum), exploiting the losing of castling rights / en passant capture or zugzwang motivated. One major challenge was to show the theme in a five fold presentation – the topic of this post. (Definitions at the end of the article)

Michel Caillaud was the first composer to achieve 5 draw pendulums.
Let’s study together his magnificent composition (H25 from the FIDE Album 2013-2015):

Caillaud, Michel
2nd Prize, feenschach, 2015
In memoriam Milan Velimirović

-31 & #1Proca Retractor 10 + 10

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