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December 9th

Jiří Chocholouš (09-12-1856 - 03-09-1930) Czech composer

Jiří Chocholouš
Jiří Chocholouš was with Pospisil and Dobrusky one of the fathers of the Bohemian composing school.
John Beasley quotes this fourmover in his "In praise of old problems" and proposes an improved version of it.
Here are two other fourmovers by Jiří Chocholouš:

Chocholouš, Jiří
Deutscher Schachbund, 1889
3rd Prize

#4 8 + 11

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Chocholouš, Jiří
Kagan's Neueste Schachnachrichten, 1921
2nd Prize

#4 10 + 10

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Yves Tallec (09-12-1927 - 22-04-2020) French composer

Yves Tallec, Messigny 2003
[Christian Poisson]

Yves Tallec composed in all genres. He was an International Judge, the editor of helpmates and selfmates of French-speaking magazine "diagrammes" and the President of the French Problemists Association.

Tallec, Yves
Union des Problémistes de France, 1957
3rd Prize

#2 9 + 2

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Karlheinz Bachmann (09-12-1938 - 07-01-2014) German composer

Karlheinz Bachmann

Karlheinz Bachmann is a chess player and composer. He is specialized in long selfmates such as this selfmate in 223 moves and proofgames.

Bachmann, Karlheinz
Ernst Hasselkus Memorial, 2002
2nd Prize

s#61  4 + 2

Do not expect to solve this selfmate in one day.

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Вячеслав Карлович Пильченко (09-12-1952) Russian composer and Grand Master (Vyacheslav Karlovich Pilchenko)

Vyacheslav Pilchenko
[Grigory Popov]

Vyacheslav Pilchenko composes mostly twomovers.

Пильченко, Вячеслав Карлович
The Problemist, May 1996
1st Prize

#2 vvvvv 9 + 9

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Алексей Алексеевич Сочнев (09-12-1961) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Alexey Alexeyevich Sochnev)

Alexey Sochnev
[Grigory Popov]

Alexey Sochnev is an endgame study composer from St Petersburg.

Сочнев, Алексей Алексеевич
Gurgenidze,D-50 JT EG, 2004
1st Special Prize

= 3 + 3

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Сочнев, Алексей Алексеевич
Pat a Mat, 25th Nov 2008
1st Prize, 2006-2007

= 4 + 4

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  1. Karlheinz Bachmann s#61 der wKh7 gehoert nach h6

    1. Corrected: the wK now stands on h6 on the diagram and can play 32.Kh7.

    2. Meanwhile, s#61 by Bachmann was cooked, see P1107828 in PDB.