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December 14th

Antonín Klír (14-12-1864 - 29-01-1939) Czech composer

Antonín Klír 1925

Antonín Klír was a Bohemian-style composer.
More about him on Wikipedia (but his chess problem activity is not mentioned).

Klír, Antonín
Časopis českých šachistů 1907 (252)
1st Prize

#3 7 + 7

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Jan Hendrik Timman (14-12-1951) Dutch composer and FIDE Master in composition

Jan Timman

Jan Timman was and still is a top player (o.t.b. GM and World no.2 at the beginning of the 1980s), but he is also an endgame studies composer and has always expressed interest for chess composition.He is one of the chief editors of the magazine "New In Chess". He recently wrote the remarkable book "The Art of the Endgame - My Journeys in the Magical World of Endgame Studies".
His selected studies are presented on JMRW's website.

Timman, Jan Hendrik
Chess Life and Review, 1982
2nd Prize

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Timman, Jan Hendrik
Nunn-50JT, 2005
6th Prize

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Dieter Werner (14-12-1957) Swiss-German composer and International Master

Dieter Werner (left) with Thomas Maeder
[harmonie 127, page 94]

Dieter Werner is a direct mate composer who also ventures into the genres of selfmates, helpmates and fairy problems.
His award of the Werner-50 JT can be read on

Werner, Dieter
H.P.Rehm-60 JT, Die Schwalbe, 2004 (208/)
2nd Prize

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Werner, Dieter
harmonie 13 TT, 2006
1st Prize

s#10 6 + 11

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