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December 28th

William W. Greenwood (28-12-1836 - 11-07-1922) British composer

William Greenwood was a Good Companion composer. He composed mostly direct movers, but also selfmates.

Greenwood, William W.
English Chess Problems, 1876

#3 5 + 1

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Greenwood, William W.
The British Chess Magazine, Jan 1916

s#2 9 + 16

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Alfred Wilhelm Theodor Arnell (28-12-1849 - 07-07-1922) Swedish composer

Alfred Arnell wrote with Sørensen an anthology of Nordic composer "Nordiske Skakproblemer Fra Tiden 1858-78" (1879). He composed direct mates.

Arnell, Alfred Wilhelm Theodor
Nordisk Skaktidende, 1877

#3 9 + 6

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Rudolf L'Hermet (28-12-1859 - 25-11-1945) German composer

Rudolf L'Hermet was the editor of the chess column of the "Magdeburgische Zeitung", the newspaper of his birth city. He composed mostly twomovers.

L'Hermet, Rudolf
Italian Chess Association, 1928
2nd Place

#3 6 + 3

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Hermanis Matisons / Hermann Mattison (28-12-1894 - 16-11-1932) Latvian composer

Hermann Mattison

Hermann Mattison was an endgame studies composer. His studies, generally deceptively simple positions with a hidden solution, were compiled by T.Whitworth in "Mattison's Chess Studies" (1987).
Brian Stephenson's article published in "CHESS" in October, 2007 may be an interesting read.
54 of Mattison's studies can be found on Gilles Jobin's website and JMRW has made another selection, assorted with the usual paintings, on his website.

The initial version of the below study was cooked, as G.Ettl commented, but V.Vlasenko corrected it with the following version:

Matisons, Hermanis
Шахматный листок 1927 (238)
1st Prize

+  5 + 3

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Марк Филиппович Гордиан (28-12-1900 - 13-04-1961) Ukrainian composer (Mark Filipovich Gordian)

Mark Gordian
[Grigory Popov]

Mark Gordian composed in all genres but specialized in fairy problems and was one of the very rare Soviet fairy composers.
He was also the father of IM Yuri Gordian.

Гордиан, Марк Филиппович
The Chess Amateur, 1930
2nd Prize

#2g4, h4, a2, b2, e1: Nightrider
10 + 10

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Petar Ivanić (28-12-1915 - 03-06-1987) Yugoslav composer

Petar Ivanić was an International Judge and composed in all genres.
Two problems by him have been selected on Chess-Giraffe [broken link].

Ivanić, Petar
Match: Serbia - Slovenia
, 1980
1st Place

#4  9 + 3

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Ivanić, Petar
Frankfurter Notizen, 1965

Ser-h#24  4 + 1

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Megchiel Schrader (28-12-1926 - 08-06-2011) Dutch composer

Megchiel Schrader composed direct mates.

Schrader, Megchiel
Het Belgisch Schaakbord (L'Echiquier Belge) 1999-2000
1st Prize

#3  13 + 9

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  1. Matison:
    Hier gibt es eine Korrektur von (Correction de V Vlassenko) sTb6->e6 wKd1

    1. Thanks ! The corrected version has been put in replacement of the cooked initial version.

  2. Dear Eric,

    according to the year range of the award of the Schrader #3 is 1999-2000.
    Please note the wrong order of mating moves in the line 1...Re4xd4 2.Rd2-c2+ Bf5xc2,Kc4-d3 3.Rh5-h3,Qh7xc2#, too.

    1. Thank you Manfred, both have been taken care of !