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December 30th

Friedrich Beck (30-12-1906 - ?) German composer

Friedrich Beck composed mostly twomovers.

Beck, Friedrich
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1944
3rd Prize

#2* 6 + 8

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Herbert Küchler (30-12-1908 - 02-09-1964) German composer

Herbert Küchler
[Kartothek A-K page 186]

Herbert Küchler was a chess player, composer and editor. He was specialized in direct mates.
In 1960 he founded with Helmut Klug and Manfred Zucker a chess column in the regional newspaper "Volksstimme" which merged with "Freie Presse" in 1963.

Küchler, Herbert
Schach (magazine) 1954 (1803)
4th Prize

#5 9 + 10

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Vladislav Buňka (30-12-1937) Czech composer

Vladislav Buňka

Vladislav Buňka composes in all genres.
He wrote "444 Pomocniku" edited by Václav Kotesovec and including 444 help-problems which can be downloaded here.
He is an International Judge for helpmates, selfmates and endgames.

Buňka, Vladislav
Šachové umění 1978
2nd Prize

+ 4 + 5

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Buňka, Vladislav
M.Bílý-60 JT, Šachová skladba, 2006
1st Prize

3 + 14

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Buňka, Vladislav
Problem Paradise, 2002 (F153)

b7, h6, a4, g1: Grasshopper
15 + 4

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Pál Bennó (30-12-1949) Hungarian composer

Pál Bennó

Pál Bennó composes endgame studies.

Bennó, Pál
Magyar Sakkvilбg , general
1st Prize

+ 4 + 4

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Ján Golha (30-12-1956) Slovak composer

Ján Golha

Ján Golha's bilingual (CZ/EN) website is well-known of chess composers. He proposes tourney announcements and some of their awards, links, photographs of composers, a page dedicated to some plagiarists and one page dedicated to 226 of his own problems in different formats.
Ján Golha composes mostly direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems.

Golha, Ján
17th TT Chess Composition Microweb, 30th Jun 2005 (No. 3)
2nd Prize

g5: Neutral Knight
e3: Neutral Bishop
1 + 12 + 2

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Zalmen Kornin (30-12-1957) Brazilian composer

Zalmen Kornin
Source: O Problemista

Zalmen Kornin was a good chess player as a junior, but since 1986, as phrased on, he mostly retired from OTB competition and has become a composer of chess problems and studies.
He is also a writer and has collaborated with several European chess magazines.
He composes mostly direct mates, but also helpmates, selfmates, studies and retro problems.

Fans of the Babson Task can read on forum his article "Babson-Task: A Key, And Beyond" , his article "The Birth of the Babson Task", or this article on O Problemista.

Kornin, Zalmen
Tidskrift för Schack 2001
1st Prize

7 + 13

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Дмитро Михайлович Грінченко (30-12-1951) Ukrainian composer (Dmitro Mikhailovich Grinchenko)

Dmitro Grinchenko

Dmitro Grinchenko started composing direct mates and had his first problem published in 1968. He made a break from the early eighties until 2006 and since then he has composed helpmates.
More details about him on

Грінченко, Дмитро Михайлович
Чорно-білі стежини (1198) 2007
Special HM

h#2 4 solutions
3 + 12

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