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December 12th

Friedrich Köhnlein (12.12.1879 – 5.7.1916) German composer

[Chess Notes]

Friedrich Köhnlein was a chess player who composed direct mates. First interested in echo mates, he privileged afterwards a more strategic neo-German style.
Walter Fentze wrote a book dedicated to him in 1984: "Friedrich Köhnlein: Schachmeister und Problemkomponist".

Köhnlein, Friedrich
Münchner Neueste Nachrichten, 1905

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Köhnlein, Friedrich
Münchner Neueste Nachrichten, 1909

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Charles Pelle (12-12-1911 - 08-08-1965) French composer

Charles Pelle composed direct mate problems.
The Pelle theme requires that key, defence and mate should all be moves of a pinned piece along the pin-line.

Pelle, Charles
Chess, 1958

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Pelle, Charles
Le Probleme, 1960
2nd Prize

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Milivoj S. Nešić (12-12-1940 - 30-06-2006) Serbian composer and FIDE Master

Milivoj Nešić composes in all genres.

Nešić, Milivoj S.
Problem-Forum TT, 2001
1st Prize

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Patrick Martinez (12-12-1960 - 04-2019) French composer

Patrick Martinez losing against the French defence.

Patrick Martinez composed mostly (but rarely) direct mate problems and studies, which can still be found on his site.
He has proposed an Introduction to the chess problem in French: "Introduction aux problèmes d'échecs" which is a selection of texts by Camil Seneca, Xavier Tartakover, René Mayer and Jean Bertin.

Martinez, Patrick
Diagrammes, 1985

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Werner Sidler (12-12-1927 - 20-11-1969) Swiss composer

Werner Sidler
[SSZ 1969, page 212]

Werner Sidler was the author of "Problemschach", the first chess problem dictionary in 1968. He composed direct mates.

Sidler, Werner
Schweizerische Schachzeitung 1969

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  1. Milivoj Nesic 12.12.1940 - 30.06.2006
    (in my database)

    1. Your database is right. The date has been added to the blog post. Thanks !