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December 3rd

Walter Irving Kennard (03-12-1860 - 31-05-1936) American composer

According to A. C. White and Kenneth Howard, Walter Kennard composed problems without the chess board. He composed many problems that have solver-entertainment value.

Kennard, Walter Irving
Checkmate, Feb 1904

#2 8 + 11

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Kennard, Walter Irving
Checkmate, 1904

#3 13 + 2

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And the most difficult one as a conclusion:

Kennard, Walter Irving
American Chess Bulletin, 1915

#4 7 + 6

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Eduard (Edward) Lasker (03-12-1885 - 23-03-1981) German-American composer

Edward Lasker

Edward Lasker was born in Germany and migrated to the USA in 1914. He helped making the game of Go popular in the USA with his book "Go and Go-Moku" (1934) and he also wrote several popular chess books.
He wittily wrote in "The Adventure of Chess":
"It has been said that man is distinguished from animal in that he buys more books than he can read. I should like to suggest that the inclusion of a few chess books would help to make the distinction unmistakable."

Lasker, Eduard
Chess Strategy, 1915

+ 3 + 3

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Mario Lucarelli (03-12-1893 - ?) Italian composer

Mario Lucarelli composed threemovers.

Lucarelli, Mario
L'Eco degli Scacchi, 1914

#3 9 + 3

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Nicolaas Voituron (03-12-1896 - 20-12-1975) Dutch composer

Nicolaas Voituron composed direct mates and helpmates.

Voituron, Nicolaas
Probleemblad, 1971 (7133)

h#22.1... 5 + 4

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Josef Louma (03-12-1898 - 07-08-1955) Czech composer

Josef Louma was a chess player of master strength, arbiter and organizer and also the Secretary of the Czechoslovakian Chess Federation in the 1930s. He composed studies.

Kevin Spraggett offered some biographical information about Josef Louma on his now defunct blog [broken link], quoting Ludek Pachman's memoirs.

Louma, Josef
Slovensky Narod, 1926

\+  3 + 3

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Pierre-Antoine Cathignol (03-12-1949) French composer

Pierre Antoine Cathignol
[P.-A.C. website]

Pierre-Antoine Cathignol is known for his complex moremovers which use corresponding squares in duels opposing white Knight vs black Bishop.
On his own autobiographic article Pierre-Antoine Cathignol admits having composed one study which is often quoted on the Internet due to its exemplary and didactic presentation and to its solver appeal:

Cathignol, Pierre-Antoine
Themes 64, 1981 (3897)

+ 9 + 9

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Pierre-Antoine Cathignol may confess that he failed in almost everything in life, however he will remain in chess composing history for his length records in captureless moremovers. Let's hope he composes more of them !

Here is one of his simpler ones (this #28 would be a little more complicated):

Cathignol, Pierre-Antoine
diagrammes, Oct 1987 (83/1823)
1st Prize, 1987-88

#12 4 + 3

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