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December 4th

John Augustus Miles (04-12-1817 - 23-07-1891) British composer

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John Augustus Miles wrote several books about chess and chess problems: "Poems and Chess Problems" (1882, on, "Chess Gems: Some of the Finest Examples of Chess Strategy, by Ancient and Modern Masters" which can be downloaded from, "Chess Stars: A Galaxy of Self-Mates" which can be read on He composed direct mates and selfmates.

Miles, John Augustus
Norwich Mercury, 1889

s#3 6 + 6

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Abraham Meurs (04-12-1904 - 21-02-1946) Dutch composer

Abraham Meurs composed in all genres.

Meurs, Abraham
De Problemist, 1929

#2* v 7 + 6

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Jean-Claude Gandy (04-12-1943) French composer

Jean-Claude Gandy composes in all genres. He held a retroanalysis column in "Diagrammes" for several years.

Gandy, Jean-Claude
Problemas, 1979

h#6 2 + 7

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Gandy, Jean-Claude
diagrammes 6th TT, 1982
3rd HM

h#24.1... 3 + 8

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