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December 10th

Joseph Henry Blackburne (10-12-1841 - 01-09-1924) British composer

Joseph Henry Blackburne

As a player, Joseph Henry Blackburne was nicknamed "The Black Death" because of his large black beard and aggressive, romantic style. He also composed some direct mates.

Blackburne, Joseph Henry

#3 8 + 4

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Joseph C. J. Wainwright (10-12-1851 - 12-07-1921) American composer

Joseph Wainwright is a composer known for his tasks in twomovers. The Alain C. White book "Les tours de force sur l'échiquier" (Tasks on the chessboard, 1906) included an essay by Joseph Wainwright on the Queen's cross and can be downloaded here.
Here is such a task:

Wainwright, Joseph C. J.
Wanderer, 1886
1st Prize

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Wacław Hebelt / Вацлав Гебельт(10-12-1913 - 16-10-1999) Belarusian-Polish composer and International Master

Wacław Hebelt / Вацлав Гебельт, Odessa 1985
А.О.Никитин, 2012]

Wacław Hebelt was an orthodox direct mate composer. He was also an International Judge.
His biography in Polish can be read here.

Hebelt, Wacław
Szachy, 1959
1st Prize

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Hebelt, Wacław
Probleemblad, 1968
1st Prize

#4 9 + 12

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Sir Christopher Jeremy Morse (10-12-1928 - 04-02-2016) British composer and Honorary Master

Jeremy Morse
[Grigory Popov

Jeremy Morse, a career banker, had an interest for cryptic crosswords and enigmas.
As a chess writer, he wrote "Chess Problems: Tasks and Records": he was indeed specialized in records, compiled them and regularly published the new records in "The Problemist". A third edition of this book is due for publication in 2016.
He was also an International Judge.
You may read his obituary on The Problemist or another obituary by The Telegraph.

Morse, Christopher Jeremy
The Problemist, 2006

#7 10 + 5

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Микола Володимирович Кулігін (10-12-1937- 18-11-2014) Ukrainian composer (Mykola Volodimirovich Kuligin)

Mykola Kuligin
[Grigory Popov]

Mykola Kuligin was a prolific composer in varied genres.

Кулігін, Микола Володимирович
JT Zyrulik-70, 1997
2nd Prize

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Кулігін, Микола Володимирович
Шахматы в СССР Jul 1972
Special Prize

#3 5 + 2

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Герман Александрович Умнов (10-12-1937) Russian composer and FIDE Master (German Alexandrovich Umnov)

German Umnov

German Umnov composes direct mates and studies.
His article in EG 137 July 2000 "A reciprocal zugwang paradox" can be read here.

Умнов, Герман Александрович
Kralin-55 JT, 2000
3rd-5th Prize

=Black to move 3 + 3

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Сергій Иванович Бородавкин (10-12-1969) Ukrainian composer (Sergyi Ivanovich Borodavkin)

Sergyi Borodavkin composes direct mates, studies and selfmates.

Бородавкін, Сергій Иванович
Уральский проблемист 2001
2nd Prize

s#3 11 + 9

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Rupert Munz (10-12-1962) German composer and FIDE Master

Rupert Munz is a good friend of Uwe Karbowiak's and obtained the FIDE Master title in 2014 as well. He lives in Tübingen and is a logical moremover composer.
In Die Schwalbe 267, June 2014 he published the moremover article "Die Gut-Schlecht-Vertauschung" which can be read here.

Munz, Rupert
Schach, 2001
2nd Prize

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Munz, Rupert
Schach-Report, 1987

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  1. Sir Christopher Jeremy Morse:
    FIDE International Judge of Chess Composition (#2), 1975
    FIDE Honorary Master of Chess Composition, 2006

    1. Thank you Kevin! The two titles (IJ, HM) have been added.