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December 15th

Henry William Barry (15-12-1878 - 21-04-1933) American composer

Henry William Barry was a violin teacher of Irish descent. He was the problem editor of the "American Chess Bulletin" during 25 years.

Barry, Henry William
La Stratégie, 1901
1st Prize

#2 8 + 8

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Oswald von Krobshofer (15-12-1883 - 08-03-1960) German composer

Oswald von Krobshofer
[Kartothek A-K page 182]

Oswald von Krobshofer was a painter, graphician and chess composer.

Von Krobshofer, Oswald
Die Schwalbe, Mar 1954

#4 9 + 6

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Camil Seneca (15-12-1903-28-06-1977) Romanian-French composer

Camil Seneca

Camil Seneca was an excellent player and composer. He collaborated with almost all French chess press, was chess editor for numerous newspapers (for "Le Figaro" from 1951 until 1977) and published many books, of which "Les Echecs" (1974), "150 problèmes d'échecs" and "200 problèmes d'échecs" (1975).
He founded the chess problem magazine "Thèmes-64" and was an International Judge.

Seneca, Camil
Neue Leipziger Zeitung, 1927
1st Prize
v. Die Schwalbe, 2003

#5 7 + 11

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Peter Kniest (15-12-1914 - 15-12-1993) German composer and International Master

Peter Kniest

Peter Kniest was Albert Kniest's brother and the editor of many German magazines, especially the most important fairy magazine of the world, "Feenschach". He wrote the series of books "Caissa's Schloßbewohner" (1983-1991).

He composed in all genres with a preference for fairy problems and was an International Judge.

Kniest, Peter
Die Schwalbe, 1940
2nd Prize

3 + 3

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Kniest, Peter
Schach-Echo, 1970

h#4 Set play 6 + 8

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Shlomo Seider (15-12-1933 - 12-09-1991) Israeli composer and International Master

Shlomo Seider
[Shlomo Seider website]

Shlomo Seider was an International Judge and composed in all genres with equal success.
Theodor Tauber wrote the book "As in All Arts: Selected Chess Problems of Shlomo Seider" in 1996.

His family has dedicated a site to his memory and to chess problem friends. His problems can be seen on this page. Some of his articles can be read on that site:

Seider, Shlomo
Die Tat, 1964
1st Prize

#3 9 + 12

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Seider, Shlomo
Schach-Echo, 1978
3rd Prize

h#5b) wSa4->wBa4 8 + 6

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Alexander Fica (15-12-1947) Czech-Slovak composer

Alexander Fica

Alexander Fica composes direct mates and helpmates.

Fica, Alexander
Pravda 1973-1974 (153)
3rd Prize

#3 6 + 13

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Martin Wessels (15-12-1969) German composer and FIDE Master

Martin Wessels is a music composer and pianist. He has composed mostly direct mates and is the threemover editor of "Die Schwalbe".

Wessels, Martin
Brehmer MT, 1998
3rd Prize

#3 11 + 12

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Алексей Сергеевич Оганесян (15-12-1985) Uzbek-Russian composer and FIDE Master (Alexey Sergeyevich Oganesyan)

Aleksey Oganesyan

Alexey Oganesyan was born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and now lives in Russia.
He started composing in 1998 with endgame studies and three- and moremovers. He favors geometrical motives. Nowadays, he also composes fairy problems (search here for his problems published on Julia's Fairies).
He is also the editor and director of the quick composing tourneys and the editor of fairies in the Informal Tourney for the Russian website and that's indeed a lot of work.

Оганесян, Алексей Сергеевич
Julia's Fairies (788) 2015

hs#4.5 4 + 7

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  1. Missing set play in H#4 by Peter Kniest:
    1. - Qb4 2.c1Q Qb1 3.Qh6 Qxe4 4.Qh7 Q8#