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November 28th

Thomas Rayner Dawson (28-11-1889 - 16-12-1951) British composer

Thomas Rayner Dawson

Thomas Rayner Dawson was an incredibly active problemist: inventor of many fairy pieces (Grasshopper, Nightrider, etc) and conditions, composer of thousands of problems (fairy, directmates, selfmates, endings), founder-editor of "The Problemist" and of "The Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement" which became "The Fairy Chess Review", writer of numerous books and problem collections.

His biography by George Jelliss can be found on "The Problemist" website, as well as a presentation of "The Early Work of T.R. Dawson".

Some of his books can be read online:

Dawson, Thomas Rayner
The Gambit, 1928
1st Prize

s#3Maximummer 10 + 9

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One of his Grasshoppers problems:

Dawson, Thomas Rayner
The Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement, Feb 1936 (2212)
In memory of C. M. Fox

h#2f6, a5, c5, g4: Grasshopper
10 + 13

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Микола Олексійович Чіканов (28-11-1931) Ukrainian composer (Mykola Oleksiyovich Chikanov)

Mykola Chikanov composes in all genres.

Чіканов, Микола Олексійович
Probleemblad, 1994
2nd Prize

h#32 solutions 8 + 11

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Володимир Васильович Діденко (28-11-1938) Ukrainian composer (Volodimir Vasilovich Didenko)

Volodimir Didenko composes direct mates.

Діденко, Володимир Васильович
МК В.Брон 1991
4th Prize

#4 4 + 3

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Hans Peter Rehm (28-11-1942) German composer and Grandmaster

Hans Peter Rehm, 2007

Hans Peter Rehm is mostly known for his moremovers in the German logical school style, but he is also equally talented for fairy chess.

Erik Zierke has commented three of his problems on berlinthema.de and other commented problems by Rehm can be found on the same site.

Rehm, Hans Peter
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1964
1st Prize

#7 4 + 14

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Rehm, Hans Peter
Chlubna-50 JT, 1996
1st Prize

s#7 13 + 8

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Marek Kolčák (28-11-1959) Slovak composer

Marek Kolčák
[perspectiva.info [broken link] ]

Marek Kolčák composes in all genres and is a good solver.

Kolčák, Marek
PCCC, Turku, TT, 1995
2nd Prize

h#2b) bKb7<-->wKf5
7 + 11

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Олег Петрович Агеев (28-11-1967) Russian composer (Oleg Petrovich Ageev)

Oleg Ageev
[Grigory Popov]

Oleg Ageev composes in all genres.

Агеев, Олег Петрович
Mat Plus, 2010 (39-40/1730)

#3TransmutedKings 11 + 2

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Masazumi Hanazawa (28-11-1943 - 06-11-2007) Japanese composer ( 花沢正純 )

Masazumi Hanazawa
[Source: Tadashi Wakashima]

Masazumi Hanazawa was one of the pioneering chess problemists in Japan. He was the inventor of the now-popular fairy condition Annan, which was first proposed in Chessics 4 (1977).
In AnnanChess, when a piece has a piece of the same colour on a square directly behind it, it has the movement capabilities of that piece instead of its own.
AnnanChess is also called Southern Chess.

Hanazawa, Masazumi
Chessics 1977

s#2AnnanChess 7 + 6

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He was also the first Japanese problemist whose problem was published in the FIDE Album, with the following problem:

Hanazawa, Masazumi
1st Prize, TT Chessics 1984

h#4*Grasshopper: e5, c1 3 + 3

This h#4 has a Set Play.

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Olavi Arvid Riihimaa (28-11-1920 - 02-08-1987) Finnish composer

Olavi Riihimaa was a chess mathematician. (Fun fact: today's Hans-Peter Rehm is also a mathematician).
He composed in all genres, from direct mates to retro and fairy problems.
He was the co-author with Karl Fabel and Eero Bonsdorff of a reference book about chess and mathematics: "Schach und Zahl: unterhaltsame Schachmathematik". You can read it here. For those interested in chess and maths, visit Vaclav Kotesovec's site.

Here is a more classical threemover from Riihimaa's youth:

Riihimaa, Olavi Arvid
Helsingin Sanomat, 24 Nov 1940

#3 5 + 5

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