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November 24th

Леонид Антонович Исаев (24-11-1899 - 02-09-1932) Russian composer (Leonid Antonovich Isaev)

Leonid Isaev
[Задачи и этюды 5/1928]

Leonid Isaev was a twomover composer and is considered as one of the creators of the modern twomover, with Barulin.
He collaborated with many magazines, such as "Задачи и этюды" (Zadachy i etyudy) "Шахматы" (Shakhmati) or "64", and wrote a few problem books like "Шахматная задача" (1925), "300 шахматных задач" (1933).

Исаев, Леонид Антонович
Задачи и этюды 1928
1st Prize, 1927

#2 7 + 14

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Kurt Paul Otto Joseph Richter (24-11-1900 - 29-12-1969) German composer

Kurt Richter
[Chess Notes]

Kurt Richter was a German o.t.b Master and writer. He also composed direct mates.

Richter, Kurt
Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 1935

#3 6 + 5

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Josip Pernarić (24-11-1946) Croatian composer

Josip Pernarić

Josip Pernarić composes in all genres.

Pernarić, Josip
Persijanow-50 JT, 2006
2nd Prize

h#4 3 + 13

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Adrian Storişteanu (24-11-1956) Canadian composer

Adrian Storişteanu
[The Globe and Mail]

Adrian Storişteanu is a software specialist and inventor of patents. He composes helpmates and fairy problems. He was part of the editing team of the late "Canadian Chess Chat". He edited a column dedicated to Circe Chess; one of his interesting points of view concerning fairy chess can be read in "Canadian Chess Chat May-August 1984". The article can be viewed here.

He has recently been interested in constructional tasks such as the 5b quoted by Jeff Coakley in his Chess Cafe column. Adrian also wrote a program to check Triple Loyds (source: Jeff Coakley).
(In a Triple Loyd, the solver's task is to place the black king on the board to achieve the goals A. Black is in checkmate; B. Black is in stalemate; C. White has a mate in one.)

Storişteanu, Adrian
Die Schwalbe, 1980
1st Prize

Ser-h#33 solutions
5 + 13

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Gabriel Nedeianu (24-11-1960) Romanian composer

Gabriel Nedeianu is a helpmate and fairy composer. He invented the fairy piece named Dolphin, which combines the powers of the Grasshopper and the Kangaroo and can be seen in the following helpmate:

Nedeianu, Gabriel
harmonie, Sep 2001 (67/715)

h#2a8, c8: Kangaroo
d3: Grasshopper
e2: Dolphin
b) Rotate 270
5 + 7

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Wilfried Neef (24-11-1963) German composer

Wilfried Neef

Wilfried Neef composes long direct mates, selfmates and endgame studies... and also helpmates, as Manfred has kindly reminded us (see this h#3.5, die Schwalbe 1994).

Neef, Wilfried
4th Prize

#5 9 + 8

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  1. Dear Eric,

    Wilfried Neef also composes helpmates. 78(!) of them can be found in PDB, including E193 FIDE Album 1992-1994 and E277 FIDE Album 2001-2003.

    Best regards, Manfred