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November 16th

Володимир Михайлович Чорноус (16-11-1933) Ukrainian composer (Vladimir Chernous)

Vladimir Chernous
[Grigory Popov]

Vladimir Chernous composes problems and studies.

Чорноус, Володимир Михайлович
Шахматная поэзия 2001 (1158)
3rd Prize

+ 4 + 3

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Владимир Александрович Голубенко (16-11-1940) Russian composer (Vladimir Aleksandrovich Golubenko)

Vladimir Golubenko composes direct mates, mostly in two moves.

Голубенко, Владимир Александрович
Tidskrift för Schack, 1979
1st Prize

#2* vvvv 8 + 8

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Jozef Taraba (16-11-1947 - 27-01-2000) Slovak composer

Jozef Taraba

Jozef Taraba was mostly known for his twomovers with complicated and exciting motivation. Here is a simpler one, with a cyclic theme:

Taraba, Jozef
ÚV ČSTV, 1967
4th Prize

#2b) wRb1->d1 8 + 4

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Shikaripur Naryana Murthy Ravishankar (16-11-1953) Indian composer

S.N.Ravishankar composes direct mates and retro problems (retractors).

Ravishankar, S. N.
Die Schwalbe, 1990 (6934)
3rd Prize

(-22) & #1Defensive Retractor Type pacific 5 + 6

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Pascal Wassong (16-11-1964) French composer

Pascal Wassong
[Messigny 2007]

Pascal Wassong is a programmer and a retro problem composer.

Wassong, Pascal
Die Schwalbe, Jun 1994 (8552)
2nd HM

PG 23.0 10 + 16

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Peter Gvozdják (16-11-1965) Slovak composer and Grandmaster

Peter Gvozdják
[Juraj Lorinc]

Peter Gvozdják is especially interested in modern twomovers (whether they be orthodox or fairy). He is the author of the "Cyclone" books ("Cyclone" 2000 and "Cyclone 2" 2010), dedicated to cyclic themes.
You can see here his lecture about "Cyclone themes in twomovers" during the WCCC Kobe 2012.

Gvozdják, Peter
Fritz Hoffmann-70 JT, 2005
1st Prize

#2 vvv 12 + 6

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Gvozdják, Peter
2nd World Cup, 2011
2nd Prize

#2 v 13 + 10

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