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November 21st

Frederick E. Gamage (21-11-1882 - 24-12-1956) American composer

Frederick Gamage
[Source: Illustrated Western Weekly News, cca 1910
scan © Michael McDowell]

Frederick Gamage was specialized in two and three-movers and was one of the precursors of the American composition.
In 1941 Alan White published "Frederick Gamage. An artist in Chess problem" which contains 100 selected problems and can be downloaded and read from here.
In 2004 Mike Prcic published the anthology "Frederick Gamage".

His name was given to a problem theme.
Gamage theme: White can directly unpin a black piece because Black has just interfered with it.

Gamage, Frederick E.
The Brisbane Courier, 1915
1st HM

#2 9 + 8

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Gamage, Frederick E.
The Falkirk Herald, Keeble MT, 1940
1st Prize

#2 10 + 7

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Gamage, Frederick E.
The Pittsburgh Leader, 1910
1st Prize

#3 11 + 10

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Аркадий Иванович Ярославцев (21-11-1924 - ?) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Arkady Ivanovich Yaroslavtsev)

Arkady Ivanovich Yaroslavtsev
[Source: Александр Никитин]

Arkady Yaroslavtsev is a direct mate and helpmate composer.

Ярославцев, Аркадий Иванович
Шахматы в СССР 1964
1st Prize

#3 8 + 11

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Ярославцев, Аркадий Иванович
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) 1962
2nd Prize

h#24 solutions 4 + 7
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Gábor Cseh (21-11-1974 - 02-08-2001) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

Gábor Cseh

Gábor Cseh was a specialist of helpmates, especially strategical longmovers with promotions and hidden play. He also composed some direct mates and fairy problems. He was a brilliant composer who passed away prematurely in a car tragic accident (involving a glass door - specifies Manfred in a Comment).

Cseh, Gábor
Toma Garai-60 JT, diagrammes, 1997
1st Prize

6 + 13

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Cseh, Gábor
The Problemist, 1997
1st Prize

h#10 8 + 11

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The curious readers should also check this h#5 with an incredible Zilahi or this h#4.5 with two pairs of Queen promotions.

Михаил Николаевич Храмцевич (21-11-1966) Belarusian composer and International Master (Mihail Nikolayevich Hramtsevich)

Mihail Hramtsevich, Poltava 2007

Mihail Hramtsevich is an eclectic composer and obtains notable results in all genres. He made significant contributions to the WCCT, usually in collaboration with other authors. His problems show a predilection for cycles of white moves.
An article about him and 24 of his problems can be found in the Belarusian magazine Albino 45/46-2005 pg.7-8.

Храмцевич, Михаил Николаевич
Уральский проблемист 2005
1st Prize

s#3  11 + 14

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  1. Dear Eric,

    to my knowledge Gábor Czeh died from an accident involving a glass door (not a car).

    With best wishes,


    1. Dear Manfred,
      The "Guide des Echecs" by Nicolas Giffard & Alain Biénabe mentions an "accident de la route" (road accident). Let's say "tragic accident", that part is certain.
      Best wishes too

    2. Dear Eric,

      looked it up and found that I was right, just see the obituary by his friend Árpád Molnár in f-143.

      Best, Manfred

    3. All right Manfred ! Let's keep away from glass doors as a precautionary measure.