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November 27th

Heinrich S. Eichstädt (27-11-1823 - 23-04-1905) German composer

Heinrich S. Eichstädt was a precursor of the German school.

Eichstädt, Heinrich S.
Neue Berliner Schachzeitg, 1867

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Eichstädt, Heinrich S.
Schachzeitung, 1856

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Otto Simon Meisling (27-11-1853 - 28-06-1927) Danish composer

Otto Meisling composed direct mates and studies.

Meisling, Otto Simon
Jespersen: 320 Danske Skakopgaver, 1902 (38)

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Meisling, Otto Simon
Jespersen: 320 Danske Skakopgaver, 1902 (152)

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Wolfgang August Eduard Hundsdorfer (27-11-1879 - 16-01-1951) German composer

Wolfgang Hundsdorfer composed orthodox, retro and heterodox problems. He contributed with 28 problems with en-passant key and wrote with T.R.Dawson "Retrograde Analysis", a treatise published in the White Christmas Series.

Hundsdorfer, Wolfgang August Eduard
Münchner Neueste Nachrichten, 1906

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Gustaf Adolf Johansson (27-11-1894 - 11-02-1974) Swedish composer

Gustaf Johansson composed mostly direct mates. This threemover is especially memorable:

Johansson, Gustaf Adolf
Schwedischer Schachbund, 1929
1st Prize

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Oscar Bonivento (27-11-1914 - 01-10-2012) Italian composer

Oscar Bonivento
[Vito Rallo]

Oscar Bonivento edited chess problem columns and produced many books about Italian chess composition and composers (Alberto Mari, Giorgio Guidelli, Antonio Bottacchi, Ottavio Stocchi.) He possessed a large chess library of about 2000 volumes.
He was an International Judge for two- and threemovers.

Bonivento, Oscar
TT, To Mat, 1961
1st Prize, 1961-1963

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Charles Michael Bent (27-11-1919 - 28-12-2004) British composer

Mike Bent

Mike Bent was a prolific composer of endgame studies. He edited the British Chess Magazine study column for ten years and contributed articles to EG (the links to his EG articles can be found on Wikipedia). In 1993, he published "The Best of Bent" together with Timothy Whitworth.

As John D. Beasley wrote in his obituary in BESN 2005 a:
"We knew him as a study composer, but he was much more: a tennis player good enough to compete at junior Wimbledon, an athlete able to run a half-marathon in his seventies, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic fell walker, a skilled boyhood carver of model battleships (he was from a naval family, a career denied to him by seasickness), the owner of a splendid collection of Malayan butterflies assembled during some postwar years as a rubber planter, a lifelong lover of word play and word puzzles, a talented writer of light verse."

Bent, Charles Michael
De Feijter JT, 1981
Special Prize

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Bent, Charles Michael
The British Chess Magazine, 1981

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