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November 14th

Max Otto (14-11-1882 - 31-12-1957) German composer

Max Otto composed direct mates.

Otto, Max
Arbeiter Schachzeitung, 1926 (1413)

#3 10 + 9

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Emil Ramin (14-11-1885 - 23-02-1963) German writer

Emil Ramin was mentioned on Mat Plus forum this year and the following information can be gathered from various contributors:
Emil Ramin came from the Arbeiterschach movement. Ramin had written part one of an article decrying the politicization of "worker's chess" which was quite prophetic, but had to publish part two in the communist chess journal, leading to his expulsion. He was also the editor of two chess columns in worker's newspapers that appeared in Stuttgart. He devoted himself to spreading problem chess and thereby wrote delightful essays. His book "Im Wunderland des Schachproblems" (1958) remained well-known and can be read and downloaded from here. Emil Ramin was a regular collaborator of the magazine "Problem", and had his column "Raminova stranica / Ramins Schachecke" published in Serbo-Croatian and German.

No problem by him has been found in the databases.

Zoilo Rudecindo Caputto (14-11-1923 - 15-12-2021) Argentinian composer

Zoilo R. Caputto

Zoilo Caputto was a player and was GM Miguel Najdorf's collaborator in the 1950s. He collaborated also with the magazines "Ajedrez de Estilo" and "Scacco".
He wrote "El Arte del Estudio de Ajedrez" in 5+3 volumes about chess endgame studies.
More information about him on the website of Argentinian chess composers.

Caputto, Zoilo Rudencindo
Best Problems
1st Honorable Mention, 2004-2006

= 4 + 6

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Yves Cheylan (14-11-1938 - 01-05-2021) French composer and Grandmaster

Yves Cheylan
Messigny 2003

Yves Cheylan composed mostly direct movers and selfmates. He was an International Judge for twomovers.
He gave his name to a variant of AntiCirce: in the Cheylan type, a piece is not allowed to capture on its rebirth square.

Cheylan, Yves
The Problemist, 1975
1st Prize

#2 11 + 5

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Cheylan, Yves
Europe Rochade, 1992
1st Prize

#2Anticirce Cheylan
9 + 11

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Валерій Олексійович Кривенко (14-11-1959) Ukrainian composer (Valery Oleskiyovich Krivenko)

Valery Krivenko
[Uralski Problemist Cup 2008]

Valery Krivenko composes mostly directmates and is a FIDE Master for solving.

Кривенко, Валерій Олексійович
«64», ТТ 1979
1st HM

#2* v 5 + 3

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Daniel E. Meinking (14-11-1960 - 23-11-2012) American composer and FIDE Master

Dan Meinking
[NY Masters]

Daniel Meinking composed in all genres, with a preference for helpmates and proofgames. He collaborated with "StrateGems" and was the mentor and teacher of many problemists. He died suddenly of heart attack at 52.

A collection of 236 of his chess problems, selected by himself, was uploaded on parryserieshub.chessproblems.ca and can also be downloaded from here.

Meinking, Daniel E.
U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1994
5th Prize

h#34 solutions 5 + 6

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Meinking, Daniel E.
StrateGems, 2003
2nd Prize

ser-h=26 6 + 7

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