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November 25th

Hyacinth R. Agnel (25-11-1799 - 10-02-1871) American composer

Hyacinth R. Agnel
[Sarah's Chess Journal]

Hyacinth R. Agnel was a professor (taught French) and Army Colonel at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a chess problemist. In 1845, he formed the first chess club at West Point.

He was the author of the popular 1848 chess book, "Chess for Winter Evenings", for which he did his own engravings.

Agnel, Hyacinth R.
American Chess-Nuts, 1868 (4-moves / 2)

#4 6 + 3

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Agnel, Hyacinth R.
American Chess-Nuts, 1868 (4-moves / 11)

#4 5 + 9

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Josef Kesl (25-11-1866 - 20-06-1900) Czech composer

Josef Kesl was a Bohemian composer.
In 1974 Ilja Mikan dedicated the 12th issue of the Gallery of Czech Composers to Josef Kesl. It can be read and downloaded from here.

Here is a threemover that is difficult to solve:

Kesl, Josef
Brünner Beobachter, 1st Oct 1888
3rd Prize

#3 8 + 6

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József Korponai (25-11-1931 - 1987) Hungarian composer and International Master

József Korponai

József Korponai was a distinguished representative of the Hungarian helpmate school.

Korponai, József
The Problemist, 1974
3rd Prize

h#22 solutions 6 + 13

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Korponai, József
Magyar Sakkszövetseg 1967-68
1st Prize

h#23 solutions 5 + 8

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Сергей Григорьевич Подушкин (25-11-1943) Russian composer (Sergey Grigorievich Podushkin)

Sergey Podushkin composes mostly twomovers, but also selfmates and helpmates.

Подушкин, Сергей Григорьевич
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1974
1st Prize

#2* v 9 + 4

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Thomas Marx (25-11-1958) German composer

Thomas Marx is a helpmate composer and the solutions editor of the German fairy magazine "feenschach".

Marx, Thomas
Die Schwalbe, 1977
4th Prize

h#22.1... 6 + 7

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Joza Tucakov (25-11-1929 - 07-01-2014) Serbian composer

Miomir Nedeljković & Joza Tucakov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Joza Tucakov composed direct mates, selfmates and helpmates.
His book "MOJI IZABRANI ŠAHOVSKI PROBLEMI" including some of his best works can be downloaded and read here.
Quoting Darko Šaljić on Mat Plus forum:
"He was erudite, gentleman, a great lover of chess problems, composer, judge, solver, writer ..
Not missed our meetings in Chess Club even in last few months when it was obvious that he losing strength.

Tucakov, Joza
Liga Problemista, 1995
10th Place

s#2  8 + 10

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