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November 9th

Domenico Lorenzo Ponziani (09-11-1719 - 15-07-1796) Italian composer


Domenico Ponziani was "an 18th-century Italian law professor, priest, chess player, composer and theoretician." In 1769 he wrote "Il giuoco incomparabile degli scacchi".
Nuestro Circulo #156 presented an article about Ponziani.

One of the very first selfmates:

Ponziani, Domenico Lorenzo
Il Giuoco Incomparabile degli Scacchi, 1769

s#5  7 + 4

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Charles Masson Fox (09-11-1866 - 11-10-1935) British composer

The Problemist

Charles Fox is still renowned as one of the greatest ever exponents of fairy chess or, as Chris Feather put it, "Britain’s leading helpmate composer and perhaps the second most important British figure (after T. R. Dawson) in unorthodox composition at the time."
On that same page, Chris Feather introduces us to the art of C.M.Fox showing 6 of his problems.
The blog "Bernoulli's experience" also presented a series of helpmates in three moves by Fox.
His best problems are presented in T.R.Dawson's book "C.M.Fox: His Problems" (1936) which can be read and downloaded here.

Fox, Charles Masson
Wolfgang Pauly MT, Revista Română de Şah, 15th Jan 1935 (1/604-605)
2nd Prize, 1934-1935

h#2b) -bPb4
5 + 6

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His favourite fairy piece was the Grasshopper:

Fox, Charles Masson
Pittsburgh Sun, 1927

#2d6, a4, d4, g4, d2: Grasshopper
5 + 8

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Семён Семёнович Левман (09-11-1896 - 31-03-1943) Russian composer (Semen Semenovich Levman)

Semen Levman
[Grigory Popov]

Semen Levman was a twomover and threemover composer. He wrote in Russian newspapers (Pravda and Trud) and in magazine "64". He gave his name to a type of defence in twomovers.

Левман, Семён Семёнович
De Problemist, 1932
2nd Prize

#2  7 + 8

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Левман, Семён Семёнович
«64» 1938
1st Prize

#3  8 + 10

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Paul Leibovici (09-11-1907 - 08-10-1968) Romanian composer

Paul Leibovici was a member of the Romanian solving team that was placed 5th at the world championship at Prague in 1948. He lived in the same city as Octav Costăchel. He attracted other players to chess problems, such as Volodea Vaisman who wrote later an homage article in "Supliment nr.5/1977" of magazine "Buletin Problemistic". He was an International Judge.

Leibovici, Paul
L'Echiquier, 1930
6th HM

#2 *  7 + 7

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Leibovici, Paul
Deutsche Märchenschachzeitung, 1932
2nd Prize

h#3b) -bQf6
4 + 2

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Mihails Tāls / Mikhail Tal (09-11-1936 - 27-06-1992) Latvian composer

Mikhail Tal

World chess champion Mikhail Tal, faithful to his motto "Chess, first of all, is Art" also composed at least one chess study.

Tāls, Mihails & Погосянц, Эрнест Левонович
«64» 1969 (119)

+  3 + 3

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Paul Joiţa (09-11-1937 - 29-05-2000) Romanian composer

Paul Joiţa

Paul Joiţa was a chess player and composed mostly endgame studies and was an International Judge.

This study will please the chessplayer:

Joiţa, Paul
Buletin Problemistic, 2000 (367)
1st Commendation

+  5 + 2

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Joiţa, Paul
Nestorescu JT, 2000
2nd-3rd Prize

=  3 + 4

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Volker Gülke (09-11-1963) German composer and FIDE Master

Volker Gülke
[Wageningen 2006]

Volker Gülke composes mostly selfmates.

Gülke, Volker
harmonie, 2003
1st Prize

s#3  12 + 11

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