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November 22nd

Andrés Clemente Vázquez (22-11-1844 - 21-02-1901) Cuban-Mexican composer

Andrés Clemente Vázquez

Andrés Clemente Vázquez published in 1898 "En el ocaso", a compilation of his articles (source). He also published in 1874 "Análisis del juego de ajedrez".
He was the first chess club president of Mexico and composed direct mates.

Vázquez, Andrés Clemente
Enigmas Problemas, 1890

#3 5 + 1

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Владимир Ильич Трояновский (22-11-1924) Belarusian composer (Vladimir Ilich Troyanovsky)

Vladimir Troyanovsky composes direct mates.

Трояновский, Владимир Ильич
Revista de Şah, 1960
2nd Prize

#3 14 + 9

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Teppo Mänttä (22-11-1954) Finnish composer

Teppo Mänttä looking at Kari Valtonen who is showing
a problem to Pauli Perkonoja at Riccione WCCC, 1985
[© Hannu Harkola]

Teppo Mänttä
[© Hannu Harkola]

Teppo Mänttä is a direct mate, helpmate and fairy composer who is mostly devoted to fairy chess (T.R.Dawson is his guru). He won for instance the Wenigsteinerjahrespreis 2009 with this problem. One of his favourites is his 2nd place in the WenigsteinerJahresPreis 2016 which you can see here.
Below is another problem, composed in an era without computer check:

Mänttä, Teppo
TT, Springaren, 1986
1st Prize

d7, f7, d5, f5: Grasshopper
b) bRd7 & bRf7
2 + 8

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Григорий Сергеевич Атаянц (22-11-1954) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Grigory Sergeyevich Atayants)

Grigory Atayants
[Grigory Popov]

Grigory Atayants has been composing direct mates since 1970, with some breaks. He is also a writer with 2 books published.

Атаянц, Григорий Сергеевич
7th ECSC, Łowicz, 2011 (32)
2nd Prize

#3 7 + 12

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Olivier Schmitt (22-11-1966) French composer and International Master

Olivier Schmitt
[His website]

Olivier Schmitt was a good chess player as a junior (4th in French national championship) and started composing chess problems in 1983. He stopped however in the 1990s and resumed this activity after an 11-year break. He composes moremovers, especially very long problems with foreplan and tries and pendulum manoeuvres.
He was the moremover editor of the French magazine diagrammes.

More information about him can be found on his website. On this same page, you can find a PDF file with a complete collection of his problems, commented in French (current link). He also presents his Top 100 on this page.

Here are two of his best works:

Schmitt, Olivier
The Problemist 1994
1st Prize

#13 6 + 13

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Schmitt, Olivier
harmonie 2015

#12 7 + 14

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