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November 26th

Carl Kockelkorn (26-11-1843 - 16-07-1914) German composer

Carl Kockelkorn and Johannes Kohtz published their first common chess problem when they were 17 and being in total accord after a short while they decided to publish their problems as co-productions. After Carl Kockelkorn died in 1914, Kohtz still published his problems under both authors names.

Together they founded the logical school of chess composition, in reaction against the old German school founded by Johann Berger.

Kohtz, Johannes & Kockelkorn, Carl
The Times, 26th Sep 1902 (No.176)

#3 8 + 4

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José Paluzíe y Lucena (26-11-1860 - 22-01-1938) Spanish composer

José Paluzíe y Lucena
[in "Iberia", 1927]

José Paluzíe y Lucena composed mostly threemovers, wrote a 6-volume "Manual de Ajedrez para uso de los principiantes" (1905-1912) and a book about chess composer Valentin Marin: "Un artista del Ajedrez" which has the peculiarity of being a bilingual Spanish-Esperanto edition.

Paluzíe Y Lucena, José
Good Companion, Nov 1923
2nd Prize

#3 6 + 8

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Filip Jakob Petersen (26-11-1924 - 11-07-1990) Danish composer

Filip Petersen

Filip Petersen was a poet and his "Brikkerne" (1985) included both poems and chess problems.
He composed direct mates, endgame studies, helpmates and retro problems.

Petersen, Filip Jakob
53rd TT DSK, 1976
1st Prize

#4 7 + 5

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Petersen, Filip Jakob
Thema Danicum, 1979
1st Prize

#2 7 + 4

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Beat Neuenschwander (26-11-1958) Swiss composer

Beat Neuenschwander, Rotterdam 1991

Beat Neuenschwander composes endgame studies.

Neuenschwander, Beat
Heuacker MT, 1981
3rd Commendation

+ 5 + 7

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Joaquim Crusats (26-11-1966) Spanish (Catalan) composer and FIDE Master

Joaquim Crusats

Joaquim Crustas has published his problems on his blog "My chess problems" and some of his problems published in 2009 can be found in this PDF file.
He composes direct mates (sometimes in collaboration with Steven Dowd), constructional problems or retro problems (in collaboration with Andrey Frolkin).

Crusats, Joaquim & Фролкін, Андрій Миколайович
Die Schwalbe, 2009 (14315)
5th Prize

Proca Retractor (-17) & #1 11 + 11

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