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November 13th

Frederick Forrest Lawrie Alexander (13-11-1879 - 01-04-1965) British composer

Bob Meadley wrote about Frederick Alexander in "A Letter to Bert":
"He was Vice President and President of the BCPS and being an accountant started a permanent fund that placed the Society in a strong financial position. (...) On his play he defeated Bogoljubov and Golombek at Southsea in 1950, played for Surrey for 40 years and was 7 times champion of the Battersea Chess Club. (...) Clearly a friend of Guy Chandler."

He composed direct movers.

Alexander, Frederick Forrest Lawrie
The British Chess Magazine, 1911

#2 9 + 7

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Eugene Albert Dugas (13-11-1932) American composer

Eugene Dugas composes direct mates, helpmates, fairy and retro problems.

Dugas, Eugene Albert
U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1991 (2295v)
Special Prize

h#6                    2.1.1...
         2 + 16

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Jan Robert Mortensen (13-11-1932 - 11-05-2003) Danish composer

Jan Mortensen

Jan Mortensen composed in all genres, including retro "Last Move?" problems. He sometimes used the pseudonym Adamas, after a cigarette brand.
He was the director of the section "1929-1944 twomovers" for the 1914-1944 FIDE Album selection. More details about Jan Mortensen can be found (in Danish) on

Mortensen, Jan Robert
Feenschach, 1961

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Виктор Литвинов (13-11-1938) Russian composer (Viktor Litvinov)

Viktor Litvinov
 Viktor Litvinov composes moremovers.

Литвинов, Виктор
Schach (magazine) 1959 (3177)
1st Prize

#5 7 + 5

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Jozef Holubec (13-11-1949) Slovak composer

Jozef Holubec composes mostly selfmates and helpmates.

Holubec, Jozef
The Problemist, 2011 (S2374)

6 + 3

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