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November 12th

Арвид Иванови Куббель (12-11-1889 - 11-01-1938) Russian composer (Arvid Ivanovich Kubbel)

Arvid Kubbel

Arvid Kubbel was Evgeny and Leonid Kubbel's brother and like them he was a chess player and composer. He composed problems and studies, mostly Bohemian threemovers.

Куббель, Арвид Иванович
Neue Leipziger Zeitung, 1933
2nd Prize

#3 7 + 6

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John Hugh Barrow (12-11-1890 - 14-05-1943) British composer

John Barrow composed direct mates and helpmates.

Barrow, John Hugh
Grantham Journal, 1926
1st Prize

#2 7 + 5

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Barrow, John Hugh
Western Morning News, 1927
1st Prize

#3 8 + 11

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József Bajtay (12-11-1902 - 26-04-1988) Hungarian composer

József Bajtay

József Bajtay has composed in all genres but preferred helpmates. He gave his name to a helpmate theme.
Bajtay theme: at the first move, Black selfpins a unit. Then White unpins it, selfpinning another unit. The black unpinned unit then unpins the pinned White piece, which mates the black King (example here).

Bajtay, József
Memorial Havel, 1960-61

h# 5 + 8

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Charles Wermelinger (12-11-1922 - 03-2008) French composer

Charles Wermelinger
[Problem 31-32 1955 page 286]

Charles Wermelinger was an excellent composer who beat all records of the "Europe-Echecs" solving competition. He was an International Judge and the moremovers editor of French magazine "Diagrammes".
He composed direct mates, helpmates and retro problems.

Wermelinger, Charles
L'Echiquier de France, 1956
1st Prize

h#2       b) bRh6
c) bBh6
d) bSh6
  7 + 3

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Wermelinger, Charles
A. Grünenwald MT diagrammes, Mar 2001
4th Prize

a8: Grasshopper
2 + 4

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Ion Murăraşu (12-11-1955 - 31-12-2010) Romanian composer

Ion Murăraşu collaborated with both Romanian magazines "Buletin Problemistic" and "Quartz". He was very much appreciated for his excellent technique and his availability to help beginners. This is also why he composed many problems in collaboration with other composers. He met success in all genres of composition.

Murăraşu, Ion
The Problemist, 1998
2nd Prize

h#2b) wSe5->a4
c) wBd4->h8
d) wBd4->f8
7 + 13

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Murăraşu, Ion
idee & form, Oct 2000 (68/1272)
1st Prize

h#3b) wBh7
c) wSh7
6 + 13

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Геннадий Владимирович Козюра (12-11-1955 - 30-12-2023) Ukrainian composer and Grandmaster (Gennady Vladimirovich Kozyura)

Gennady Kozyura
[Grigory Popov]

Gennady Kozyura was an author of direct mates, helpmates and selfmates who started composing in 1975.

Козюра, Геннадій Володимирович
Юбилейный конкурс Лобусов-40, 1992
1st-2nd Prize

#3 6 + 6

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Козюра, Геннадій Володимирович
Уральский проблемист 1998
2nd HM

s#3 10 + 8

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