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November 2nd

Carlo Salvioli (02-11-1848 - 29-01-1930) Italian composer

Carlo Salvioli

Carlo Salvioli was a player, theoretician and writer, author of "Teoria e pratica del giuoco degli scacchi". He composed direct mates and endgame studies, a few of them were didactic and theoretical endgames with material K+Q+P vs K+R+P.

Salvioli, Carlo
Nuova Rivista degli Scacchi, 1897

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Samuel Isenegger (02-11-1899 - 15-11-1964) Swiss composer

Samuel Isenegger

Samuel Isenegger composed direct mates and studies and was an International Judge.
During 15 years he was the endgame studies editor of the "Schweizerische Schachzeitung".

Isenegger, Samuel
Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 1929

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Julien Guisle (02-11-1910 - 09-06-2010) French composer

Julien Guisle was a bibliophile, collector and problemist.
His chess bookstore was known as the only one of its kind in Paris after WWII, as reminded us Christophe Bouton on his blog.
He composed the famous problem below under the pseudonym Julian Quike. The theme of the tourney was Rex Solus vs all 16 white pieces (which implies that there are cooks if you remove any of the 16 white units).

Guisle, Julien
Le Figaro, 1956
1st Prize

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Эльмар Абдуллаев (02-11-1986) Azerbaijani composer (Elmar Abdullayev)

Elmar Abdullayev
[Grigory Popov]

Elmar started composing at the tender age of 12. His favourite genres are direct mates and helpmates, but you can also see one of his studies here. An example of his style in helpmate:

Abdullayev, Elmar
Кудесник 2006 (101/3168)

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