Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2nd

Stefan Milewski (02-10-1943) Polish composer

Stefan Milewski

Stefan Milewski is a direct mate, helpmate and selfmate composer.

Milewski, Stefan
The Problemist, 2000
1st Prize

#2* vvv 12 + 13

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László Czakó (02-10-1946) Hungarian composer

László Czakó

László Czakó composes in all genres.

Czakó, László
Popovski jubileum, 1983
2nd Prize

s#2 10 + 7

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Karel Opravil (02-10-1960) Czech composer

Karel Opravil has composed few problems but with varied stipulations and fairy conditions.
This problem shows his deftness:

Opravil, Karel
Šachové umění 1981 (2/5857)

sh#14 6 + 2

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  1. Stefan Milewski also composed a lot of h#s (177 entries in the PDB, see e.g. P1078317 or P1077681) and some s#s (8 entries).

    1. Thanks Manfred, it's been added to the blog post.