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October 11th

Raymond C.J. Gevers (11-10-1882 - 11-05-1954) Dutch composer

Source: ChessAntiquarian

Raymond Gevers was a twomover composer in the Good Companion style and a theoretician who wrote "All Change Here! A Treatise on the Change-mate Two-Mover together with a Collection of 325 Examples" with Philip Hamilton Williams (1919). This book includes mutate problems.

Gevers, Raymond C. J.
Die Schwalbe, 1932
1st Prize

#2 * 12 + 10

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Gerhard Friedrich Hermann Kaiser (11-10-1890 - 13-06-1966) German composer

Gerhard Friedrich Hermann Kaiser
Kartothek A-K page 154

Gerhard Kaiser was an International Judge. He composed direct movers, mostly logical problems, and many of them miniatures.
He also collected chess problems and his 10,000 units collection was taken over by Klaus-Peter Zuncke.
He was the editor of the chess problem column of the "Sächsischen Zeitung" and of the "Probleme und Studien" column in the magazine "Schach".

Kaiser, Gerhard
Sächsischer Schachverband, 1925
1st Prize

#3 10 + 9

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Kaiser, Gerhard
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1950
2nd Prize

#3 5 + 2

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Dragan Lj. Petrović (11-10-1952) Serbian composer

Dragan Petrović
[harmonie 119, page 147]

Dragan Lj. Petrović (not to be confounded with Dragan Petrović who is the son of Tomislav Petrović) is a retro composer who is specialized in retro problems with Circe fairy condition. He recently obtained the 2nd place in the World Chess Composition Championship for Individuals (WCCI) 2007-2009.

Petrović, Dragan Lj.
Die Schwalbe, 2008 (13825)

Solve the positionCirce
15 + 16

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