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October 19th

Михаил Михайлович Барулин (19-10-1897 - 23-05-1943) Russian composer (Mikhail Mikhailovich Barulin)

Mikhail Barulin
[Grigory Popov]

Mikhail Barulin was the editor of the problem section of the Soviet magazine "64" from 1935 to 1941 and of "Shakhmatny v SSSR" from 1938 to 1941. He is considered as one of the creators of the modern twomover, which he made more popular thanks to his articles published in worldwide magazines. He has popularized white tries in twomovers since 1927.

Vladimir Tyapkin recalled in details on Mat Plus forum in January 2010 the circumstances in which M. Barulin wrote the article "Chaos in thinking" (Сумбур в мыслях) in Chess in USSR №7, 1936, as a reply to an article written by M.Botvinnik and L.Spokoiny. Barulin's scanned article was made available by Vladimir:
1st part.
2nd part.
Sergey N. Tkachenko also wrote about this controversial topic on, reproducing both articles in text and placing the two articles in the larger context of the relation between chess players and chess composition, in the USSR and without.

Барулин, Михаил Михайлович
Шахматы 1929
1st-2nd Prize

#2* 10 + 10

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Барулин, Михаил Михайлович
Pravda, 1926

#3 7 + 9

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Лев Моисеевич Капуста (19-10-1919 - 1990) Ukrainian composer (Lev Moiseyevich Kapusta)

Lev Kapusta
[Grigory Popov]

Lev Kapusta was Viktor Kapusta's father. He was a journalist, a strong chess player and an organizer of chess problem tourneys. He composed direct mates.

Капуста, Лев Моисеевич
Magyar Sakkszövestzeg, 1977
1st Prize

#3 7 + 13

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Alessandro Cuppini (19-10-1946) Italian composer

Alessandro Cuppini (left)

Alessandro Cuppini composes in all genres, with a preference for direct mates and helpmates.

Cuppini, Alessandro
7th TT Chess Composition Microweb, 31st Aug 2001 (H09)
2nd Prize

d7, e4, g4, g1: Grasshopper
g5: Nightrider
7 + 14

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Antonio Garofalo (19-10-1952) Italian composer

Antonio Garofalo

Antonio Garofalo is the editor of the online "Best Problems" magazine.
He is an International Judge and composes direct mates and helpmates.

Garofalo, Antonio
Telescacco 92, Dec 1994
2nd HM, ASIGC 1994-1995

h#2b) -wSd7 6 + 13

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Николай Димитров (19-10-1929 - 23-02-2014) Bulgarian composer (Nikolay Dimitrov)

Nikolay Dimitrov and Diyan Kostadinov

Nikolay Dimitrov's portrait by Diyan Kostadinov can be found on Kobulchess website. Organizing a solving team competition as the World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) was his idea. He was the judge of the first WCSC in 1977.
He has composed more than 1000 problems, mostly direct mates. Here is an example of his talent (other examples can be found on the Kobulchess webpage):

Димитров, Николай
Probleemblad, 2008
1st Prize

#3 vvv  10 + 11

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Константин Григорьевич Почтарёв (19-10-1935 - 13-08-2013) Ukrainian-Russian composer (Konstantin Grigorievich Pochtariov)

Konstantin Pochtariov (sitting) with Y. Rossomakho, L. Katsnelson, Y. Roslov, V. Katsnelson and V. Razumenko
[Zadachy y Etyudy 61/2013]

Konstantin Pochtariov composed mostly direct mates, but also selfmates, helpmates and studies. He had a fruitful collaboration with Yuri Fokin (at least 30 problems composed together).

Почтарёв, Константин Григорьевич
Schach, 1968
2nd Prize

#3  10 + 10

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David Brine Pritchard (19-10-1919 - 12-12-2005) British composer

David Pritchard is better known as the author of The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants.
His favorite chess variant was Alice Chess.
He was an indoor games and mind sports consultant and wrote many books about chess and other games. Some links to know more about him: Wikipedia, British Chess News 2020, an interview with Pritchard on Chess Variants.

Pritchard, David Brine
British Chess Magazine, 1943

#2  5 + 7

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