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October 15th

Norman Martin Gibbins (15-10-1882 - ?) British composer

Norman Gibbins composed direct mates and reflexmates.

Gibbins, Norman Martin
A.C.White-50 JT, The Problemist, 1930

r#2 6 + 3

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Joaquim Valladão Monteiro (15-10-1907 - 1993) Brazilian composer

Portrait in "Dicionário Brasiliense do Jogador de Xadrez"
[Chess Notes]
Joaquim Valladão Monteiro was active in all chess-related fields, as a player, chess column editor, author of books, solver and problem composer. He was a founding member of the Union of Brazilian Problemists. He composed in all genres.
The Valladão theme is a twomover theme that requires that in try and real play the key frees the arriving square of the threat.
The Valladão task requests that in the phases of the solution appear three specific moves: castle, en-passant capture and promotion. It was the theme of a thematic tourney organized by "O Globo" in 1966.

Valladão Monteiro, Joaquim
Ajedrez Artístico, 1970 (16/553)

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Ігор Петрович Ярмонов (15-10-1967) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Igor Petrovich Yarmonov)

Igor Yarmonov
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Igor Yarmonov composes direct mates, studies and helpmates.
Some of his works are presented here by Valery Kopyl.

Ярмонов, Ігор Петрович
Die Schwalbe, 1997
1st Prize

#4 10 + 9

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