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October 21st

Johan Axel Åkerblom (21-10-1904 - 05-06-1980) Swedish composer and International Master

Axel Åkerblom

Johan Axel Åkerblom became an International Judge as soon as the title was created in 1956. He composed more than 5,000 problems in 2 or 3 moves and was known as "the Swedish Bohemian".
He was the editor of the problem column of the Swedish magazine "Schackvärlden" (1928-1945).

Åkerblom, Johan Axel
British Chess Federation 68th Tourney, 1947
2nd Prize

#3 4 + 13

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Åkerblom, Johan Axel
Palkoska-Turnier, 1956
1st Prize

#3 9 + 10

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Филипп Семёнович Бондаренко (21-10-1905 - 08-02-1993) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Filip Semyonovich Bondarenko)

Filip Bondarenko

Filip Bondarenko composed problems and studies. He possessed a collection of more than 30,000 studies which was not totally recovered after his death. He wrote many articles and books, mentioning also foreign composers, such as "Галерея шахматных этюдистов" (1968) or "Этюд в пешечном окончании" (1973).
He was an International Judge.
Some of his studies are shown on JMRW's website. He composed many studies in collaboration with Aleksandr Kakovin.

Бондаренко, Филипп Семёнович
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1961

+ 5 + 10

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One study composed in collaboration with Kakovin:

Бондаренко, Филипп Семёнович & Каковин, Александр Сергеевич
problem (Zagreb) 1956
1st Prize

= 5 + 7

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Βασίλειος Λύρης (21-10-1914 - 15-08-1994) Greek composer (Vassilios D. Lyris / Don Basil Lyris)


About Vassilios Lyris you can find details on Emmanuel Manolas' website.
His friend Nikos Dambassis thus presented his inheritance:
"150 published compositions, mainly multimover problems, in Greek and foreign magazines. He has received many distinctions and has written articles about chess compositions in various magazines, as in [To Mat (=the checkmate)] (1956) and [Probleemblad] (1970). "

Lyris, Don Basil
Hlas ľudu, 30th Oct 1969 (92)
1st Prize

#3 14 + 9

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Nils Gustav Gerhard van Dijk (21-10-1933 - 17-01-2003) Norwegian composer and International Master

Nils van Dijk was a specialist of two- and threemovers and an International Judge.

Van Dijk, Nils Gustav Gerhard
American Chess Bulletin, 1959
1st Prize

#3 10 + 12

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Валерій Петрович Власенко (21-10-1939) Ukrainian composer (Valery Petrovich Vlasenko)

Valery Vlasenko
[Grigory Popov]

Valery Vlasenko published his first problem in 1957 and has mostly composed endgame studies.

Власенко, Валерій Петрович
«64», МК В.Ленин-100, «64» 1970 (32)
3rd Prize

#3 10 + 9

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Власенко, Валерій Петрович
Червоний гірник JT Червоний гірник 2003
1st Prize

+Black to move 4 + 3

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Анатолій Григорович Василенко (21-10-1951) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Anatoly Grigorovich Vasilenko)

Anatoly Vasilenko, Jurmala 2008

Anatoly Vasilenko composes direct movers.

Василенко, Анатолій Григорович
Гравюра-2012, 30th Aug 2012
1st Prize

#3 v 7 + 2

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