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October 28th

Richard Steinweg (28-10-1860 - 1943) German composer

Richard Steinweg
[Berlinschachverband [broken link]]

Richard Steinweg composed direct mates, selfmates, helpmates and retro problems (especially help-retractors).
He composed also several Kegelschach problems (such as this one, this, this or this).
More about him on the Berlin chess club website [broken link] which quotes the magazine "Deutsche Schachblätter" 3/1938 celebrating Steinweg's 50th anniversary as a member of the club.

Steinweg, Richard
E.Birgfeld MT - Die Schwalbe
, 1939
2nd Prize

#3 9 + 7

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Сергей В. Синакевич (28-10-1912 - 03-02-1990) Russian composer (Sergey V. Sinakevich)

Sergey Sinakevich was a helpmate composer who often collaborated with Yuri Fokin.

Синакевич, Сергей В. & Фокин, Юрий Георгиевич
Schach (magazine) 1973

h#3b) bSc5->b4 5 + 14

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Борис В. Боровик (28-10-1942) Russian composer (Boris V. Borovik)

Boris Borovik composes direct mates.

Боровик, Борис В.
Slovenský denník, 1991 (69)
3rd HM

#3 12 + 11

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Tibor Szabó (28-10-1955) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

Tibor Szabó
[Magyar Sakkserzok]

Tibor Szabó is a writer. As a composer, he has dealt with all genres.
In 1993 he wrote a compilation of his own problems, "TiSza Album". Details about him can be found on "Magyar Sakkserzok".

Szabó, Tibor
Magyar Sakkélet, 1983 (7/4700)

h#2b) wSa4->c7 6 + 13

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Szabó, Tibor
Kieler Schachgesellschaft, 1984

s#9 5 + 2

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Benjelloun Youness (28-10-1986) Moroccan composer

Youness Benjelloun
[Facebook profile]
Youness Benjelloun started composing recently and with enthusiasm, with the wise advice of Abdelaziz Onkoud.

Benjelloun, Youness
StrateGems, 2010

#2* 6 + 5

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Mansur Mammadov (28-10-1946) Azerbaijani composer (Мансур Мамедов)

Mansur Mammadov has been composing since 1985 and his favourite genre is twomovers.

Memmedov, Mensur
Troll, 3rd Jul 2013 (1167)

#2  6 + 5

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