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October 18th

Helmut Lenhart (18-10-1919 - ?) German composer

Helmut Lenhart composed direct mates.

Lenhart, Helmut
Weser-Ems, 1949
1st Prize

#2 9 + 9

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Robert Sinclair Brieger (18-10-1925 - 26-04-2012) American composer

Robert Sinclair Brieger

Robert Brieger was a chess player who composed direct mate problems, helpmates and endgames. He recently passed away and his obituary published in Houston Chronicle can be read here.

Brieger, Robert Sinclair
New Statesman, 1968
3rd Honorable Mention

+ 7 + 5

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Дмитрий Николаевич Банный (18-10-1932 - 10-08-1997) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Dmitry Nikolayevich Banny)

Dmitry Banny composed mostly twomovers. He gave his name to a famous twomover theme.
Banny theme: 1.A? a! 1.B? b! 1.X! 1...a,b 2.B, A#
The cyclic variant of the Banny theme is presented here.

Банный, Дмитрий Николаевич
Шахматная Москва 1966
1st Prize

#2 13 + 8

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Банный, Дмитрий Николаевич
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) 1969
4th Prize

#2 vv 8 + 6

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Waldemar Mażul (18-10-1953 - 15-08-2000) Polish composer and FIDE Master

Waldemar Mażul composed most twomovers (and also a few helpmates, two of them in collaboration with Piotr Murdzia).

Mażul, Waldemar
Magyar Sakkélet, 1997
1st Prize

#2 vvv 10 + 10

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Frank Fiedler (18-10-1957) German composer

Frank Fiedler

Frank Fiedler composes direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.

In recognition of the Frank Fiedler's 50th birthday a composition tourney for chess puzzles and chess problems of all kinds was held and was judged by over-the-board players who had an understanding of and interest in chess problems. Their award and other articles by Frank Fiedler were included in the book "Jubiläumsturnier Frank Fiedler - 50 ". The winning problem can be found on Joaquim Crusats' blog.

Fiedler, Frank
TT, Problem-Echo, 1993
2nd Prize

3 + 16

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Reinhard Zaiser (18-10-1964) American composer

Reinhard Zaiser
[Facebook profile]

Reinhard Zaiser composes mostly direct mates.

Zaiser, Reinhard
Weinsberg, 1990

#4 10 + 7

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