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October 31st

Rudolf Heinrich Willmers (31-10-1821 - 24-08-1878) Austrian composer

Rudolf Heinrich Willmers was widely known as a brilliant player - the trill was his specialty - and composer... for the piano (source), but he also composed chess problems. "Musicians and Chess" reports the following anecdote:
While playing Schumann's 'Carnival' in a piano recital in Copenhagen, Willmers stopped suddenly, wrote on his cuff, and then continued. He explained afterwards that he had been struggling for a week to solve a difficult problem when the solution came to him in a flash. 'I had to jot it down to get it out of my head and let me concentrate entirely on my playing.
Which, of course, seems completely natural to chess solvers or composers.

Willmers, Rudolf Heinrich
1st American Chess Congress, 1857
1st Prize, set, 1857-1858

#4 6 + 8

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Александр Александрович Алехин (31-10-1892 - 24-03-1946) Russian-French composer (Alexander Alekhine)

Alexander Alekhine

The well-known world champion Alexandre Alekhin and cat Chess also composed a few chess problems and studies.

Алехин, Александр Александрович

#3 7 + 8

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Eliahu Fasher (31-10-1920 - 30-03-2004) Israeli composer and Honorary Master

Eliahu Fasher
[Thanks to Alain Pallier]

Eliahu Fasher was the editor of "Ha'Problemai" and wrote "Israel chess problemist" (1964) and "60 + 100 chess problems" (1980).
Avital Pilpel quoted some extracts of his Fasher's book "Shachmet le'Hana'atcha" on his blog.

Fasher, Eliahu
Palestine Post
3rd Prize

#3 5 + 3

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Guy Sobrecases (31-10-1965 - 20-04-2024) French composer and FIDE Master

Guy Sobrecases showing his awarded problem
Messigny 2007

Guy Sobrecases composed helpmates and fairy problems. He was hyperactive during 5 years and was the fairy editor of "Problemaz" and "Problemonline", but since 2011 he had not been active in chess problems. He used to show his recently awarded problems on his blog Anticirce.
We all hoped to see him back to chess composition, but it was not to be.

Here are some of his best works in helpmates and fairy chess:

Sobrecases, Guy
Šachová Skladba, 2011 (10511)
1st Prize

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Sobrecases, Guy
Mat Plus, 2007 (27/784)
3rd Prize

s#15ParrainCirce 4 + 4

Parrain Circe: The single move following a capture, the captured unit (except a King) accomplish, from its capture square, an exact copy of that next move. If the arrival square is occupied or if the journey bring it out of the board, the captured unit vanishes.

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