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October 14th

Fridtjof M. Godager (14-10-1883 - 07-06-1967) Norwegian composer

Fridtjof Godager and his son, 1939

Fridtjof Godager composed direct mates.

Godager, Fridtjof M.
Norsk Sjakkblad, 1921

#3 5 + 7

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Edward Boswell (14-10-1899 - 22-03-1960) British composer

Edward Boswell was a specialist of selfmates and the president of the BCPS (British Chess Problem Society) from 1958 until 1960.
He was an International Judge.

Boswell, Edward
Arbejder-Skak, 1953
2nd Prize

s#4 9 + 5

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Dieter Müller (14-10-1946) German composer and International Master

Dieter Müller
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Dieter Müller composes direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems.
In the field of fairy chess he invented for instance the Reichenbacher chess (see feenschach 16, August 1973, pg 113 or in French on e-chekk) a precursor variant of Vogtländer chess.
He is also an International Judge for direct mates (in 2, 3 and more moves) and in helpmates.

Müller, Dieter
Schach (magazine) 1986 (11123)
1st Prize

#4 6 + 11

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Müller, Dieter
Match: Bavaria - Saxony
1st Place

3 + 9

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