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October 23rd

Евгений Иванович Куббель (23-10-1894 - 1942) Russian composer (Evgeny Ivanovich Kubbel)

Evgeny Kubbel
[Source: Задачи и этюды 5/1928]

Evgeny Kubbel was one of the Kubbel brothers. He composed about 150 problems (most of them direct mates in two, but also great threemovers as below).

Куббель, Евгений Иванович
Труд (Москва) 1935
1st Prize

#3 12 + 12

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Thomas Volet (23-10-1949) American composer and FIDE Master

Thomas Volet
[Moses & Singer LLP]

Thomas Volet is a retro composer who specialized in stipulations such as "Release the position" - undoubtedly with a resounding success.

Volet, Thomas
Springaren, 1996
1st Prize

Last 5 single moves? 13 + 9

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Mustapha Bakani (23-10-1970) Moroccan composer

Mustapha Bakani
[Facebook profile]

Mustapha Bakani composes direct mates, selfmates and helpmates.

Bakani, Mustapha
Phénix, 1997

#2 8 + 6

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Árpád Rusz (23-10-1974) Romanian composer and International Master

Árpád Rusz

Árpád Rusz composes direct mates, helpmates or selfmates, but he recently focused on endgame studies, a field where he seems at ease.
He also held a blog RuszChessStudies with some interesting analyses and he is a chess programmer.
He is presently the studies editor of the Romanian magazine "Componist".

I can remember when he showed me this study of his:

Rusz, Árpád
Problem Online, 8th Oct 2006
Special Prize

+ 4 + 5

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Eduard Schlatter (23-10-1898 - 04-04-1970) Swiss composer

Eduard Schlatter
[Schweizerische Schachzeitung 1967 page 195]

Eduard Schlatter was a chess player, solver and composer. He held and further enriched the miniature collection started by Moriz Henneberger.
His obituary in German "Pfarrer Eduard Schlatter - ein echter Schachidealist" can be found in Schweizerische Schachzeitung 1970 page 109.

Schlatter, Eduard
4th HM Henneberger MT 1960

#3 11 + 6

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Friedrich Amandus Leopold Kuskop (23-10-1844 - 26-10-1938) New Zealander composer

Friedrich Kuskop was born in Germany in 1844 and migrated to New Zealand in 1881. In 1893 he became blind and started solving and composing chess problems. He was a successful Good Companions composer of twomovers and threemovers. (source: Deutsche Schachblätter 5/1939, p 75).
You can find here a Mat Plus forum post about blind composers.

Kuskop, Friedrich Amandus Leopold
1st Prize The Otago Witness 1898

#2 9 + 4

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