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October 10th

Heinrich Cordes (10-10-1852 - 24-04-1917) German composer

Heinrich Cordes

Heinrich Cordes was a writer, chess solver and composer.
The endgame that made him famous was the following reciprocal zugzwang:

Cordes, Heinrich
Rigaer Tageblatt, 1895
2nd Prize

+  6 + 5

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Cyril Henry Stanley Kipping (10-10-1891 - 17-02-1964) British composer and International Master

Cyril Kipping

Cyril Kipping was an International Judge. He composes more than 7,000 problems, most of which were threemovers (he sometimes used the pseudonyms C. Stanley, S. Henry and S. Mere). He collaborated with the most important magazines of the 20th century: "Chess Amateur", "Chess", "The Problemist" (whose editor he was during 32 years) and also wrote many books: "300 Chess Problems" (1916), "Selected Gems" (1922) and "The Chessmen Speak" in the White Christmas series (1932), which included 147 threemovers and can be read and downloaded from here.

More details about his life as a headmaster of a high school can be read here or especially here, with staff and pupils memories of C.S.Kipping, which our British readers might discover with interest. 

One of his best known threemovers is the miniature:

Kipping, Cyril Henry Stanley
Manchester City News, 1911

#3 4 + 3

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Kipping, Cyril Henry Stanley
The Problemist, 1939

#3 10 + 9

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Silviu Balcu (10-10-1893 - 1977) Romanian composer

Silviu Balcu composes mostly two- and threemovers.
At least this twomover Zagoruiko deserves a look, as well as this threemover:

Balcu, Silviu
Revista de Şah, 1962
3rd Prize

#3  8 + 12

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