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October 20th

Karl Fabel (20-10-1905 - 03-03-1975) German composer and International Master


Karl Fabel
[© Hannu Harkola]

Karl Fabel composed in all genres with a marked preference for miniatures and for problems with retroanalytical contents. In 1936 he wrote the book "Kleinkunst" together with Massmann and Palatz and afterwards numerous other books, such as "Rund um das Schachbrett", the last book being "Introduction to Retrograde Analysis" (1974).
In 2014 Friedrich Friedel gave examples of problems quoted by Karl Fabel in "Kurioses Schach" on ChessBase.

Fabel, Karl
Die Schwalbe, 1940
4th Prize

#3 5 + 5

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Fabel, Karl
Problemas, 1973

3 + 7

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Fritz Hoffmann (20-10-1932 - 12-07-2016) German composer and FIDE Master

Fritz Hoffmann

Fritz Hoffmann composed twomoves, helpmates and endgames and was an International Judge. He specialised in symbol problems such as letter problems. He has written several books about chess composition: "Schachkonturen" (1992) or "Tausend Jahre Schachprobleme Band 4" reviewed by Günter Büsing in die Schwalbe April 2000, quoted on

Hoffmann, Fritz
Schweizerische Arbeiter-Schachzeitung
1st Prize

#6 8 + 13

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Hoffmann, Fritz
Magyar Sakkélet, 1970

h#5 2 + 6

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Jean-Pierre Boyer (20-10-1935 - 12-11-1986) French composer and International Master

Jean-Pierre Boyer was a twomover specialist and International Judge. He wrote an "Initiation aux échecs" (1981).

Boyer, Jean-Pierre
Die Schwalbe, 1969
3rd Prize

#2 vvv 8 + 9

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Mario Figueiredo (20-10-1950 - 20-09-1995) Brazilian composer

"Boletim da UBP". 1982. Maio/Agosto. № 42. Р. 457.
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Mario Figueiredo composed mostly helpmates and was an International Judge. He was Jose Figueiredo's son.

Figueiredo, Mário
TT, Boletim da UBP, 1993
4th Prize

h#22 solutions
7 + 9

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Bernd Gräfrath (20-10-1958) German composer

Bernd Gräfrath
[source: © André Schulz,]

Bernd Gräfrath is a philosopher specialized in Philosophy and Ethics of Technology.
He is also a chess composer interested in helpmates, fairy and especially fairy retro problems (fairy proof games) and an International Judge.
More information about him on Wikipedia.

Gräfrath, Bernd
Mat Plus (25/640) 2007
Special Prize

5 + 3

Duplex: The stipulation must also be achieved interchanging the functions of White and Black.

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Gräfrath, Bernd
Mat Plus (39-40/1763) 2010

13 + 12

Duellist Chess: if the piece that moved last time can legally move again, it must.

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