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October 8th

Rudolf Bílek (08-10-1882 - 02-12-1966) Czech composer

Rudolf Bílek was a chess player who composed threemovers.

Bílek, Rudolf
Prager Presse, 1927
4th Prize

#3 5 + 5

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Jan Hendrik Marwitz (08-10-1915 - 06-12-1991) Dutch composer and FIDE Master

Jan Marwitz

Jan Marwitz was an endgame studies composer. In his youth he was inspired by Herbstmann's book and started composing. He wrote with Cor de Feijter "De Eindspelstudie" and on his own "Eindspelkunst" in 1991. He was an International Judge for studies.

Here are two spectacular studies with a natural position:

Marwitz, Jan Hendrik
Tijdschrift v.d. KNSB, 1942

+ 4 + 5

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Marwitz, Jan Hendrik
Tijdschrift vd KNSB, 1937
2nd Prize

+ 3 + 4

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Milan Legiša (08-10-1961) Slovenian composer

Milan Legiša composes direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems such as this Circe h#2.

Legisa, Milan
Mat (Belgrad) 1983 (3912)

h#2b) bPd2->e3 3 + 10

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  1. The Legisa h# is missing wKf5 and the twinning b) Pd2 to e3.