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October 22nd

Stěpán Zimmermann (22-10-1867 - 19-08-1938) Czech composer

Stěpán Zimmermann composed direct mates, mostly in three moves, in the Bohemian style.

Zimmermann, Stěpán
Plzeňské listy, 1890

#3 7 + 9

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José Mugnos (22-10-1904 - 01-05-1982) Argentinian composer

José Mugnos
[Chessville - Nuestro Circulo]

José Mugnos was a remarkable porteño composer of analytical studies. Here you can find one of his best studies (Chess, 1943-1944) with a black desperado Rook and two very convincing variations.
He wrote with Oscar Carlsson "Finales artisticos razonados" (1976).

Mugnos, José
El Ajedrez Americano, 1941

= 3 + 2

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Denis M. Saunders (22-10-1930 - 06-2009) Australian composer

Denis Saunders' profile was made by Geoff Foster on OzProblems. He started composing late, but rapidly became the best Australian threemover composer.
Geoff Foster compiled 72 of his problems in "The Wizard of Oz - A selection of chess problems by Denis Saunders" (1999).

Saunders, Denis M.
The Problemist, 1989
1st Prize

#3 13 + 8

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Saunders, Denis M.
The Problemist, 1995
1st Prize

#3 11 + 10

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Miloslav Vanka (22-10-1941) Czech composer

Miloslav Vanka

Miloslav Vanka composes essentially direct mates. He is a FIDE Master for solving and a chess trainer.

Vanka, Miloslav
Československý šach, 1957
2nd HM

#3 6 + 7

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Francisc Rduch (22-10-1886 - 17-05-1942) Romanian-Polish composer

Francisc Rduch was born in Lemberg in Poland and lived most of his life in Cernăuți in Romania (now Chernivtsi, Ukraine). He was deaf and worked as a librarian (archivist) at the Cernăuți University.
He composed direct mates, mostly hard-to-solve threemovers, and collaborated with the magazine "Revista Română de Șah" from 1926 until 1942.
His obituary by Milu Milescu was published in Revista Română de Șah 02-1948, page 62.

Rduch, Francisc
Trollhättans Schacksällskap, 1925
1st Prize

#3 10 + 5

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