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October 5th

Cornelis Jan De Feijter (05-10-1907 - 06-11-1988) Dutch composer 

Cor de Feijter

Cor De Feijter was an endgame studies composer who specialized into endgame with promotions. He was also an International Judge. In 1948 he wrote with the other studies composer Jan Marwitz "De Eindspelstudie" and in 1937 the book "80 Eindspelstudies" included 80 of his works.

De Feijter, Cornelis Jan
Deventer Dagblad, 1947

= 3 + 6

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De Feijter, Cornelis Jan
De Schaakwereld, 1937 (111)

+ 4 + 2

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Альберт Федотович Иванов (05-10-1937 - 07-11-2016) Moldavian composer (Albert Fedorovich Ivanov)

Albert Ivanov
[Jurnal de Chişinău [broken link] ]

Albert Ivanov was born in Omsk and was sent to Moldova for the military service in 1959. He stayed there and started working for a newspaper where he edited the chess problem column, as a recent interview published in "Jurnal de Chişinău" [broken link] informs us.

Иванов, Альберт Федотович
Kishinev-Nikolaev, 1967
1st Prize

#3 9 + 7

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Иванов, Альберт Федотович
Soplis Tskhovreba Shakhmatna Sklad, 1980
3rd Honorable Mention

= 3 + 4

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Анатолій Іванович Зінчук (05-10-1937 - 13-11-1998) Ukrainian composer (Anatoly Ivanovich Zinchuk)

Anatoly Zinchuk composed direct mates, studies or heterodox problems.
A long article written by Evgeny Zinchuk about his father Anatoly and including biographical information and photos was published in "Problemist Ukrainy" 4(34)/2012.

Зінчук, Анатолій Іванович
Конкурс Украинского спорткомитета 1979
3rd Prize

+ 5 + 4

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Hemmo (Hermann) Axt (05-10-1942) German composer

Hemmo Axt, Wageningen 2006
[Franziska Iseli]

Hemmo Axt is successful in direct movers, helpmates and selfmates, but also in fairy and retro problems. He is a strong solver (International Master since 1982) and an International Judge for three and moremovers.
One can read his article "ZWECKÖKONOMIE IM HILFSMATT" from Die Schwalbe Special issue 1993.

Axt, Hermann
Mat (Beograd) 1980
1st Prize

#3 10 + 10

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Axt, Hermann
The Problemist, 1994 (H1797)
2nd Prize

h#32.1.1... 7 + 13

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Carl-Erik Spåre (05-10-1945 - 04-02-2010) Finnish composer

Carl-Erik Spåre composed mostly helpmates, such as this very economical bR Rundlauf or this h#2 with promotions.

Spåre, Carl-Erik
Suomen Tehtäväniekat, 1994 (618)
3rd Prize

h#3.5 4 + 3

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