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October 30th

A. J. C. E van Heycop ten Ham (30-10-1856 - 29-01-1925) Dutch composer

Source: National Library of the Netherlands - Koninklijke Bibliotheek

A. J. C. E van Heycop ten Ham composed direct mates.

Van Heycop Ten Ham, A. J. C. E.
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1913

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Oldřich Duras (30-10-1882 - 05-01-1957) Czech composer

Oldřich Duras

Oldřich Duras was a leading chess player (GM in 1950) but beside on-the-board competitions, he also composed chess studies and problems (mostly threemovers) in the spirit of the Bohemian school.
Most of his studies are reproduced in the 1954 book "Oldřich Duras" written by Louma, Podgornny and Richter.

Duras, Oldřich
Lidové noviny, 1926

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Duras, Oldřich
Československý šach, 1933

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