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October 27th

Kārlis Bētiņš (27-10-1867 - 28-03-1943) Latvian composer

Karl Behting (Deutsches Wochenschach, 5 January 1908)

Kārlis Karlovich Bētiņš (Karlis Betins, Karl Behting) was a chess master and composer of studies, as was his brother Jānis. We remind our readers of the existing brochure by John Beasley about the Behting brothers which can be read on John Beasley's site (BESN special number 52).

Recently John Nunn published on ChessBase some analyses related with Karl Behting's draw study Baltische Schachblätter 1908 which, with the help of a seven-man database, was proved correct.

Bētiņš, Kārlis
Kagan's Neueste Schachnachrichten, 1920 (22)
1st Prize

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Brian Harley (27-10-1883 - 18-05-1955) British composer

Brian Harley

Brian Harley composed mostly two- or threemovers and wrote many books to make chess problems more popular: for instance his "Mate in Two Moves" inspired Geoff Foster's first steps into problemdom.
Harley's "The Modern Two-move Chess Problem" written in collaboration with Comins Mansfield is probably the best known of his efforts.

Brian Harley was the inventor of the term "mutate" for the block problems with changed mates. He was the president of the British Chess Problem Society from 1947 until 1949. In his honour, each year the British magazine "The Problemist" awards the best twomover problem with the "Brian Harley" award.

Harley, Brian
South African Chess Magazine, 1937
1st Prize

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Harley, Brian
The British Chess Magazine, 1930
1st HM

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Antonio Ferrer Argüelles (27-10-1901 - 31-01-2000) Spanish composer and Honorary Master

Antonio Argüelles

Antonio Argüelles
[© Hannu Harkola]

Antonio Argüelles was the editor of the chess magazine "El Escacs a Catalunya" and became the president of the SEPA in 1958. He was the chief editor of the Spanish magazine "Problemas" during 30 years. He gave his name to a twomover theme and was an International Judge.

Argüelles Ferrer, Antonio Fernandez
British Chess Federation, 1942
1st Prize

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