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October 1st

Hans Fahrni (01-10-1874 - 28-05-1939) Swiss composer

Hans Fahrni, 1905

Hans Fahrni was a strong Swiss chess player born in Prague. About his career as an artist and his psychological troubles you may read here.
He also wrote the first monograph about the Alekhin defence ("Die Aljechin-Verteidigung, eine schachtheoretische Analyse," 1922).
He composed direct movers and studies.

Fahrni, Hans
Die Schwalbe, 1928

#2 7 + 4

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Bror Larsson (01-10-1907 - 31-10-1966) Swedish composer

Bror Larsson, Piran 1958
Sitting: Zvonimir Hernitz, Fadil Abdurahmanović, Zdravko Maslar, Tomislav Petrović;
Standing: Vjekoslav Miletović, Vladimir Birek, Jan Hannelius, Walther Jørgensen, Helmer Ternblad, Bror Larsson, David Hjelle, Alexander Popovski

Bror Larsson composed in all genres (from direct mate to retro problems).
He wrote with Walter "Swing med Caissa".

He composed one Vielvater problem:

Larsson, Bror
FEENSCHACH, 1954 (2218)

-1w -> #1 2 + 2
White retracts one move and mates in one.

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Larsson, Bror
Norsk Vanföretidskrift, 1950
1st Prize

#3 5 + 2

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Hans Franz Lange (01-10-1920 - 19-02-1944) German composer

Hans Lange composed direct mates and selfmates during his short career as a chess composer.

Lange, Hans Franz
Die Schwalbe, 1940
1st Prize

#2 11 + 6

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Zoltán Labai (01-10-1942) Slovak composer and International Master

Zoltán Labai

Zoltán Labai composes direct movers, helpmates and selfmates. He is also an International Judge for #2 and #3.

Labai, Zoltán
A.Ančin MT, 1978
1st Prize

#3 vv 11 + 11

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