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September 24th

Ladislav Cimburek (24-09-1867 - 27-02-1915) Czech composer

Ladislav Cimburek was a Bohemian composer.
Ilja Mikan selected 108 of his problems in an issue of "Galerie československých skladatelů" (Gallery of Czech composers) which can be downloaded here.

Cimburek, Ladislav
Prachskij Kongress, 1891
1st Prize

#4 6 + 7

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Cimburek, Ladislav
Zlatá Praha, 22nd Apr 1887

#4 4 + 8

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Emmanuel Delaliau (24-09-1906 - ?) French composer

Emmanuel Delaliau composed direct mates and helpmates.

Delaliau, Emmanuel
The British Chess Magazine, 1964

#3 7 + 12

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Steven B. Dowd (24-09-1957) American composer

Steven B. Dowd

Steven Dowd is known by American chess readers for his columns in Chess Life or on He is also a chess composer and his favourite genres are helpmates and selfmates, but he also composes direct mates and endgame studies. He has composed many problems in collaboration with Mirko Degenkolbe or Marko Ilijoki.

Degenkolbe, Mirko & Dowd, Steven B.
Mat Plus, 2010 (39-40/1697)

s#11 7 + 2

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Dowd, Steven B. & Ylijoki, Marko
harmonie, 2006 (1293)
1st Prize

h#11Setplay 5 + 7

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Ján Dučák (24-09-1963) Czech-Slovak composer

Ján Dučák composes direct twomovers and is especially fond of cyclic themes. He also occasionally composes helpmates or fairy problems.

Dučák, Ján
27th TT Chess Composition Microweb, 3rd Mar 2010
3rd HM

#2 vg8, a7, b7, c6, g3, d2: Leo
11 + 4

Leo: Chinese Queen.

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Александр Дмитриевич Тюнин (24-09-1963) Russian composer (Aleksandr Dmitryevich Tyunin)

Aleksandr Tyunin
[Grigory Popov]

Aleksandr Tyunin has been composing in many genres since the 1980s.

Тюнин, Александр Дмитриевич
Задачи и этюды 2008
2nd HM

s#8 11 + 8

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Тюнин, Александр Дмитриевич
Ideal-Mate Review, 2009

Ser-.h#24 7 + 4

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