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September 4th

Gerardus Hendrik Goethart (04-09-1892 - 17-05-1969) Dutch composer

Gerardus Goethart

Gerardus Goethart was mostly a twomover composer.
24 of his problems were compiled by Max Niemeijer in "Chess Problems of G.H. Goethart" (1962).
He left his name to the following theme, also called "Goethart unpin": White unpins a black piece, taking advantage of an interference of this pinned black piece by another black unit.

Here is a good training for the twomover round of the coming WCSC:

Goethart, Gerardus Hendrik
Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 1915
1st Prize

#2 9 + 10

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Goethart, Gerardus Hendrik
The Problemist, 1952
4th Prize

#2 6 + 6

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Goethart, Gerardus Hendrik
Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 1916
3rd Prize

#2* 8 + 8

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Frederik Willem Nanning (04-09-1892 - 12-06-1958) Dutch composer
F.W.Nanning in G.Smit's book

F.W.Nanning relaxing
[Kartothek L-Z page 21]

Frederik Nanning was the most famous of the four Nanning brothers. He wrote with A.M. Koldijk the "Thema Boek" which defined with examples 300 chess problem themes and was published in 1948. Their book can be read and downloaded from here.
Gerard Smit published in 1958 "F. W. Nanning", the 8th volume in the Probleemcomponisten series.
He was one of the founders of the Dutch chess problem society in 1931.

Nanning, Frederik Willem
L'Echiquier Belge, 1955
2nd Prize

#2* v 7 + 5

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Nanning, Frederik Willem
Probleemblad, 1951
1st Prize

#3 12 + 12

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Jean-Luc Seret (04-09-1951) French composer

Jean-Luc Seret
[Kevin Spraggett's blog [broken link] ]

Jean-Luc Seret is a French o.t.b. IM and was four times o.t.b French champion, but what interests us is his contribution to chess problems.
He was a friend of Jean-Michel Trillon's (they worked for the same company) and they composed a few problems together. He is interested in problems with retro contents (with fairy conditions Volages or Sentinelles Angevines) or in moremovers or studies.

Seret, Jean-Luc
Themes 64, 1975
1st Prize

#25 5 + 8

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