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September 13th

Josef Křivohlávek (13-09-1919 - 17-03-2015) Czech composer

Michel Caillaud and Josef Křivohlávek

Josef Křivohlávek published "Šachové úlohy:výběr 1953-88". He demonstrated his showmanship at Marianka 2011.
Recently, as mentioned in a comment by Ivan Skoba, a book containing 139 selected problems of Josef Křivohlávek was published.

Křivohlávek, Josef
ÚV ČSTV, 1979
1st Prize

#3 8 + 7

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Klaus Wenda (13-09-1941) Austrian composer and Grandmaster

Klaus Wenda, with Odette Vollenweider and Reto Aschwanden

Klaus Wenda is a former president of PCCC (FIDE Permanent Commission for Chess Composition, now WFCC) and received his certificate of Grandmaster in composition in 2010 at his summer home: photos here.
with Friedrich Chlubna "Problempalette: Schachprobleme österr. Autoren aus den Jahren 1901-1970" (Austrian Problems) in 1972 and "Problempalette II, Volume 2" 1991.
He composes in all genres.

Wenda, Klaus
Arbeiter-Zeitung, 1976 (1073/v)
1st Prize

s#9 v 9 + 7

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Wenda, Klaus
The Problemist, 1986
1st Prize

-8 & s#1Madrasi
Proca Retractor
12 + 4

Madrasi: Mutually attacking black and white units of the same type (kings excluded) paralyse each other, so that they may no longer move or give check. The paralysis may be removed, for example by interference (in the case of line pieces), or by capture of either of the paralysed units.

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Bruno Fargette (13-09-1948) French composer and FIDE Master

Bruno Fargette
[SSZ 1969, page 149]

Bruno Fargette was the editor of the French magazine "Thèmes 64", after his brother François. He is also an International Judge.
Some of his problems have been selected on Chess-Giraffe [broken link].
One of his most famous problems is this very hard miniature. Here is another easier one:

Fargette, Bruno
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1969 (2631)
1st Prize

#8 6 + 6

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Hanspeter Suwe (13-09-1948) German composer

Hanspeter Suwe is the editor of the castling magazine "König & Turm" wholly dedicated to castle.

Suwe, Hanspeter
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1971

#6  8 + 11

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Jean-Marc Loustau (13-09-1958) French composer and Grandmaster

Jean-Marc Loustau

Jean-Marc Loustau may be known mostly for his fairy direct mates, but he composes successfully in all genres.
One of his very recent fairy twomovers can be seen, with his comments and Juraj Lörinc's comments, on JuliasFairies.

Loustau, Jean-Marc
Ideal-Mate Review, 1984
1st Prize

h#4SetPlay 4 + 5

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Jean-Marc Loustau composed many problems in collaboration with other composers, especially French ones: Michel Caillaud, Jacques Rotenberg or the recently departed Denis Blondel. Here is one of Jean-Marc and Denis' fairy problems:

Loustau, Jean-Marc & Blondel, Denis
Probleemblad, 1985
3rd Prize

#2c8, c7, f7, a6, d6, e6, e4, g4, c3, f3, g3, h3: Orphan
11 + 8

The Orphan moves only as the opposite piece that threatens to capture it.
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Raimo Sailas (13-09-1945 - 17-07-2020) Finnish composer

Raimo Sailas, 2015
[© Hannu Harkola]

Raimo Sailas was very well known in Finland, since he has been in high positions, serving the Republic of Finland. At one time he was the budget chief in the Ministry of Finance. Obviously his demanding job is the reason to the fact that he has composed a rather small number of problems.
As a composer he was especially remembered for his 1st Place in the helpmate section of the Friendship Match 1962-64 (a sort of predecessor to WCCT-competitions).
A jubiliar tourney was organized for his 70th birthday and its interesting award can be read here.

Sailas, Raimo
Schach-Echo, 1974
2nd Prize

h#3b) wPd4<->bQe5 5 + 6

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  2. New book containing 139 selected problems of Josef Křivohlávek has just appeared some days ago (see

    1. Thank you Ivan, the book reference is now quoted on the blog.