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September 6th

Octav Costăchel (06-09-1911 - 16-12-1987) Romanian composer

Octav Costăchel was the president of the Romanian Chess Federation between 1962-67. Octav Costăchel and George Teodoru both supported the birth and publication of the chess problem magazine "Buletin Problemistic" in 1971. He gave his name to a twomover theme.
Costăchel theme: Black defends itself by interfering with one of its own pieces and simultaneously pinning a white piece. The white pinned piece sets mat, exploiting the black interference, on the pinning line. (Alan Doris Battiston)

The Costăchel Thematic Tourney organized in 1936 by "Strategia" had remained unjudged and was finally awarded by a collective team on Mat Plus. The award can be read in English here.

He composed direct mates and helpmates.

Costachel, Octav
Шахматы в СССР 1961

#2 v 7 + 7

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Ramaswamy "Gani" Ganapathi (06-09-1929 - 12-08-2022) Indian composer

Ramaswamy Ganapathi called himself "Gani" Ganapathi. He composed direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems. He started composing rather late, at the age of 70, but was not afraid of experimenting with new stipulations or fairy conditions. More information about him in a short obituary by Shankar Ram on Mat Plus Forum. You can see some of his most recent problems on Julia's Fairies (Find "Ganapathi").

Here is the most economical presentation of halfpinned black units exchanging functions and allowing pinmates in h#2:

Ganapathi, Sriram
StrateGems, 2002 (H0585)

h# 4 + 3

"hs#" = helpselfmate.

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Ganapathi, Ramaswamy
Mat Plus, 2010 (39-40/1742)

4 + 4

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Ram Soffer (06-09-1965) Israeli composer

Ram Soffer

Ram Soffer is o.t.b. Grandmaster and also solving Grandmaster. He is also an accomplished pianist and a chess writer in Hebrew.
He composes problems mostly during chess meetings.

Soffer, Ram
Pula, 1997
1st Prize

8 + 2

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