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September 11th

Otto Zimmermann (11-09-1892 - 24-07-1979) Swiss composer

Otto Zimmermann was a chess player who had his best results in the 1920s. He composed direct mates.

Zimmermann, Otto
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1964
1st Prize

#3 9 + 8

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Александр Константинович Калинин (11-09-1914 - 09-09-2004) Russian composer (Aleksandr Konstantinovich Kalinin)

Kalinin, Kazantsev and Gulyaev, Moscow 1996
[Gr. Popov]

Aleksandr Kalinin had a long composing career and his output was varied: direct mates, studies, helpmates. He was nine times champion of the USSR in sections threemovers, moremovers and studies.

Калинин, Александр Константинович
Смена (Москва) Dec 1994 (119)
3rd Prize

#4 3 + 3

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A subtle endgame:

Калинин, Александр Константинович
Командное первенство СССР 1981
3rd Prize

+ 4 + 4

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Hans Moser (11-09-1931) German composer

On the occasion of Hans Moser's 80th birthday, Frank Müller selected some of his problems for the "mpk-Blätter" (Mitteilungen des Münchner Problemkreises) .
Let's select other problems:

Moser, Hans
Schach-Echo, 1974
1st-2nd Prize

r#2 5 + 10

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Moser, Hans
Feenschach, 1989
2nd Prize

h#42 solutions 3 + 5

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Jacques Rotenberg (11-09-1956) French composer and International Master

Jacques Rotenberg

Jacques Rotenberg has been residing in Israel since 2004. He started composing in the 1970s. He recalls his first chess problem memories on
He composes direct mates, helpmates, and some selfmates, retro problems or endgame studies. He was during a few years the French delegate at the PCCC and organized the Belfort Congress in 1994. Besides being IM in composing, he is also a strong solver (IM for solving). He composed many problems in collaboration with other composers such as Jean-Marc Loustau or Michel Caillaud.

What is the common theme of the problems below?

Rotenberg, Jacques
Rex Multiplex, 1983
1st Prize

h#2b) bPb6->b5 4 + 15

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Rotenberg, Jacques & Loustau, Jean-Marc
The Problemist, 2003
1st Prize

#3 vv 11 + 10

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Rotenberg, Jacques
Messigny, 2011
3rd Prize

h# 6 + 6

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  1. Thank you for the nice words
    - The last problem (Messigny) received a 3rd Prize, not a 1st
    - since a few years I received also the title of IM for chess composition

    1. Thanks, the Messigny problem's prize is corrected here. However it remains 1st Prize in YACPDB
      The title in composition was already mentioned in the title "French composer and International Master" :)