Friday, September 28, 2012

September 29th

Josef Lepping (29-09-1905 - ?) German composer

Josef Lepping composed direct mates with few pieces on the board or selfmates such as this one. Here is a typical moremover:

Lepping, Josef
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1926

#4 5 + 2

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Sándor Hun (Hertmann) (29-09-1906 - 1942) Hungarian composer

Sándor Hun

Sándor Hertmann, who published his problems under the alias of Sándor Hun, was one of the best Hungarian composers before WWII, with Gyula Neukomm and Sandor Boros. He composed direct mates and helpmates.

Hun, Sándor
Magyar Sakkvilag, 1936 (443/4)
1st Prize

h#3b) wKd8->a1
7 + 10

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Karl Heinz Siehndel (29-09-1938) German composer

M. Zucker,   Karl-Heinz Siehndel,    H. Klug and F. Hoffmann

Karl Heinz Siehndel wrote "Problemschach: 407 Aufgaben und Studien" together with Fritz Hoffmann; Günter Schiller and Manfred Zucker (1984). He composes direct mates.

Siehndel, Karl Heinz
Schach (magazine) Nov 1975 (7825)

#2 vv 8 + 9

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Ladislav Belčák (29-09-1941) Slovak-American composer

Ladislav Belčák composes direct mates, helpmates, proofgames and fairy problems.

Belčák, Ladislav
The Problemist, 2006 (H2953)

7 + 9

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  1. Karl-Heinz Siehndel- Happy belated birthday from 1 siehndel to another. I am located in USA. I believe we are probably related. My ggg-grandfather was John Siehndel, married to Wilhelmia Tech. Died in Minnesota-USA in 1850s him and wife came here to US in 1850s I believe. Any information you might have on Siehndel's you can share. ?

    1. Sorry, I presently do not have any other information about Karl-Heinz Siehndel.
      However there are often German visitors on the blog and maybe one of them could direct you to him or provide more information.