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September 20th

Осип Самойлович (Самуилович) Бернштейн (20-09-1882 - 30-11-1962) Russian-French composer (Ossip Samoylovich Bernstein)

Ossip Bernstein

Details about Ossip Bernstein's eventful and hectic life from Russia to France and Spain can be found on Wikipedia. Besides being an outstanding chess player (see his 1954 game against Miguel Najdorf), he also composed a few chess problems.

Бернштейн, Осип Самойлович
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1907

#3 4 + 5

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Willy Kemnitz (20-09-1887 - ?) German composer

Willy Kemnitz composed direct mates, selfmates and studies.

Kemnitz, Willy
Die Schwalbe, 1949
1st HM

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Hans Selb (20-09-1929 - 28-08-2014) German composer

Hans Selb
[Kartothek L-Z page 42]

Hans Selb composed in all genres.
In 2000 he published "Ästhetik und Ornamentik im Schachproblem" of which some problems have been quoted and commented on the website

Selb, Hans
Die Schwalbe, Mar 1953
1st Prize

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Selb, Hans
Feenschach, 1964 (6606)
2nd Prize

11 + 11

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Werner Issler (20-09-1933 - 02-01-2023) Swiss composer

Werner Issler was a strong over the board player (winner of the Coupe Suisse 1964), and a successful, but not very prolific composer. He composed direct mates and more rarely studies.
Werner Issler became an International Judge in 1977 and was a respected International Judge for twomovers.
Issler, Werner
Die Schwalbe, 1952
1st Prize

#2* 6 + 10

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Jorge T. Yamanishi (20-09-1938) Brazilian composer

Jorge Yamanishi composes direct mates and helpmates.

Yamanishi, Jorge T.
2nd TT, Boletim da UBP, 1966
1st Prize

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9 + 13

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